Would you kill someone............

for 20 million dollars? There is no legal penalty at all, you would not get caught. You could even choose your victim if you like (maybe someone you do not care for).

Would you do it?

Depends on who I would be killing. But I’ll give a conditional yes.

Ahh. Just read the second part. I give a firm ‘yes’.

I’d do it for less.

For money? No.

For revenge, maybe.

Hypocritical? Sure.

Heck, this is even a hypothetical. What’s the current bounty on Osama’s head? $25 mil.


The idea of killing anyone sickens me.

If I was completely convinced that the person would go on to deliberately cause grievous harm and suffering/death to others, then maybe (although in that case, perhaps my act of killing them would be just as bad).

Doh! isn’t.

Yes. Especially if the list included:
Rush Limbaugh
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Pat Buchanan
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson
Robert Dornan
Newt Gingrich
Oliver North
Ann Coulter
Anyone other republican blonde
Any other republican
Hell, I’d even kill em for free, if I was guarnateed immunity.

Its good to see a leftist with some backbone!

Well, hey…I’m no martyr. I want to get something for myself before a pop a cap in somebody’s arse.
Thats what the kids say isn’t it? Pop a cap? I’m so unhip.

So an example would be where someone invents a new weapon which kills and makes it look like a natural death, and wants to pay me $20 million to test it on a human? And I can choose any human? That sounds like the worst nightmare imaginable. I might do it if I can find a terminally ill patient who is in a lot of pain and wants to be euthenized.

Sighn me up!! I could use 20 mil. The only question is do I have to use a gun or can I be a man about it and use my bare hands or a short length of pipe?

Can I choose the OP?

Interesting, since the OP only refered to immunity from the legal implications of killings, I’m guessing you don’t have any moral problems with killing people with whom you have political disagreements. Cool, you’d make a perfect dictator.

Great! Where can I sign up?

I vote for yes.

Yeah, someone like Osama or someone terminally sick. If I had to know the person personally, though, I probably wouldn’t do it, even for twenty mil.

I’ll take Consuela

Yes I would - getting rid of Bin Laden, Saddam or Kim Jong Il would make the world a better place. That or I will kill a murderer about to be executed anyway.