Would you like to be my friend (on myspace)?

I’ve set up a myspace account. If any other Dopers have a myspace account and would care to be friends, here’s a link to my profile- please add me. I’d love to see some of your profiles. (I also have one on facebook but rarely check it.)

I believe that in three months time Spacebook will be but a foyer to Straight Dope Message Boards, and then we’ll be that much closer to full conquest of CYBERSPACE AND BEYOND! LONG LIVE THE SUPREME ADMINISTRATOR…

oh sorry, thinking of something else.

Sure. I’ve just started playing with it myself. Kind of fun, even if I am an old fart by MySpace standards.

(Sampiro notes that Cowgirl is in fact three years younger than he is and begins to cry ever so slightly.)

I bet I’m an older fart and I just started with MySpace too - though I did it for a specific reason and I may not do much more with it. It seems like every time I try to change something I get an error message.

In that case, then yeah, I’m definitely an older fart, by quite a bit. :wink:

Eh, we’re all old farts there - they seem heavily geared to the twenty-something and under crowd.

Young fart (what?) here…requested to be your friend (sounds so funny…).

Watch out for thesaxoffender

Just realised in adding you, I’ve contradicted what I say in my profile; that I actually know all of my friends on there (not sure if that makes me cool or a loser)

I suppose since I added you via here, and not myspace, that kinda counts. Right?

Request sent from pettirossa.


Join the SDMB myspace group - Bear Nenno runs it. And here is my profile.

Here is my profile. Feel free to check it out and hit me up.

One of us should start a Straight Dope group on MySpace.

Request sent. I finally reupped but I’ve been following the SDMB for some time and always enjoy your posts.


Pardon the ignorance but I’m very new to myspace- how do I do that?

Never mind, figured it out. (We may need a separatist SDMB group for those who can remember things before the 1980s, though.)

My kids’ school banned it. At first I was shocked, indignantly announcing the school couldn’t tell my children what they could do in their spare time. Then I realized how dangerous it can be for the little ones, and now it’s verboten.

My son has a scary experience on myspace…some guy asked to meet him, and when he quite smartly to go jump in a lake (actually, he said it in typical teenaged boy vernacular, but you get the idea) the guy said that he knew where he lived and he was coming over anyway.

I’m just about to join myspace so I can become friends with you, or any other dopers I may meet there. I’m actually on th’other such site, bebo. here’s my page http://run-gmc.bebo.com here if you want a look, feel free to join me as a friend (Read: PLEASE join me as a friend!!!). Both bebo and myspace are basically the same right? Is one particularly better that the other?

I was really irked to find that my nephew (14, cute, blonde, naive) had a profile and suggested to my brother that he “reconsider”. I noticed today that his profile is changed to “friends only”, which I’m glad of (and also glad I don’t have teenagers in today’s world- I’d have to find a house with an attic big enough to lock them in and then if there are not enough windows the kids will get pasty and too many then the neighbors will see and HR will come snooping, I don’t know how folks do it.)

I knew there must be some recent thread going around, because I just got like a half dozen new Group requests.

Feel free to add Group Photos (we have but one), and start discussions there.

Thanks for participating! =)

Neat-o. Done!