How many dopers are on Myspace? I know there is a big showing on livejournal and there are organized little SDMB groups and such. Do you have a Myspace blog or profile? If so, post your homepage!!
Is there a SDMB Group yet on myspace? I haven’t found one. If there are enough people interested, then I want to start one!

I’ll go first.

I’m on it under the name Mercer, but I usually can’t be buggered to do anything more than check my messages. Seen too many unbefuckinglievably ugly sites to dig around for people anymore.

Same here. If dopers want to start a group though, I’ll join.

Can I borrow some of your friends? They’re HOT!

I’m on myspace as well. I don’t check it as often as I used to though, because my internet has been really screwey.

Plus I don’t really like the fact that 50% of the women on there are porn stars and use the site to shamelessly flaunt their website. I want to talk to real people, dammit! Not hookers.

Anyway, my profile is here

I’d definitely join a SD group if someone created one!

Not on myspace but I am on ‘Friendstar’.

Ok, I just created the Group.

It’s called SDMB. It needs pictures and stuff, so hopefully we can all make it look nice. It’s not an Open group, so only Members can join. But I’ll allow lurkers and fans and previous members to join too.

I am on myspace, though I don’t use it much. I was dragged on because one of my friends flat out told me that the only way to reliably contact her anymore was via myspace messages. If I wanted us to talk, don’t call, don’t email, send a myspace message. So I am now a member, but only just. The one cool thing about myspace is what it has done for the local music scene (at least here in LA). Myspace has become a great place for local bands to gain a following since they let you stream music clips on you page. My band is looking to get back together and I have been thinking about getting more involved for just that purpose.

What a pal! :rolleyes: I usually end up dropping friends like that, though your mileage may vary.

Sorry for the hijack. We now return to the original broadcast.


My profile is here:

Thanks for starting the group, Bear. Please add me!

P.S. Where is Miles? I’m going to San Francisco in a little under three weeks for the Pride festival!

I just created an SDMB community on Friendster, as well…

If that doesn’t work, you should be able to search for “sdmb.”

I’m on myspace, too. And Friendster. But it appears that myspace is the “in” site, heh. Anyway here I am. I don’t blog there, but I’m always keen to add new friends!

Bear_Nenno, how do I join the SDMB group there?

Hey Bear, I just requested to join the group. Myspace name is Doug.

Ah, scratch that. I found the SDMB group and sent a request to join. Myspace name is Sara.

Ok, I sent a message to join. I suppose that means I have to actually complete my profile now (I probably didn’t when I signed up originally). I think it’ll show me as Laura.
I joined the Friendster group too - first time I’ve logged into that in months.

Right here, kids! I don’t have the time right now, but I do plan on sending some friend invites based on this friend and also joining the group.

Or you could save me the trouble and send me the invites. :smiley:

There ya go. My band’s also on myspace, but we basically use it to save recordings of our practices instead of wasting our own bandwidth (we record them so we can remember little riffs and things we used). If you really wanna check that out, it’s under my friends list as “The Dog’s Bollocks (the band name)” I’ll try to join the SDMB group!

I joined because I thought it would be similar to LJ. But no, everyone on Myspace, that I’ve encountered, seems to be looking for sex partners rather than friends. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not what I’m looking for.

I won’t link to my profile, because one of my “friends” currently has a picture of his weenie as his avatar. These are the type of people who request to be my friends. :rolleyes:

Wow, you don’t have any control over who appears in your “friends” area? Even if the avatar is potentially offensive? Yeesh! How can they not give you control over something like that? (rhetorical question :))

I’m on the fence about the whole myspace thing: on one hand I think it would be cool to have a place to put some of my MP3s, and where I could send people who might be interested in auditioning me, but on the other hand I might be too old … I haven’t seen a profile by anyone over 30 yet! :eek: :wink: