Would you live in the "Harry Potter" universe, if you could?

As a wizard or witch, naturally. Why or why not?

If so, what career or line of work would you like to pursue?

Assume for purposes of the hypothetical that it was peacetime, and Voldemort and his minions weren’t killing people right and left.

Yes, but only if I could be a scientist and discover the genetic differences between wizards/witches and muggles. That’s been bugging me ever since I read the first one. I mean, just where did magic come from and why can’t we all use it?

I do live in that world now as a muggle

In peacetime? Yeah, I could go for that, although the way things are shaping up, it doesn’t look like I’d want to hang around during Book Seven.

I want to be the History of Magic professor after they exorcise Binns. I have been aching to get my hands on that class and teach it properly.

Heck, yes! I’d like to go into Herbology, maybe work my way into a position where my green thumb could be put to good use. I see it as a cross-over possibility, maybe going into potion-making as a small business.

Damn skippy.

I’d kick Madam Pince’s tired old ass out the Hogwarts Library and run it far better than she does. That place would be some fun. And no freaking shushing allowed… except of the screaming books. :smiley:

Ministry of Magic, Department of Mysteries. Which room is left as an exercise for the reader 6:)

Oh, hell yes. And I’d want to . . . do everything! I can’t figure out which I want more: to be best friends with Mrs. Weasley, to work in the department of International Magical Cooperation, or be part of academia in Transfiguration. Or to fight Fretful Porpentine for the History of Magic position. (Watch your back, my prickly little friend. squinty eyes When you least suspect it . . . BAM! You’re a teapot.)

Sure, in peacetime – why not? I would partner up with Mr. Weasley and work to improve relations with the Muggle world, possibly even starting limited wizard/Muggle exchange trips. I’d introduce the wonders of e-mail to the magic world – much more efficient than all those owls.

Either that, or I’d join up with Hermione and get a job with S.P.E.W.

[Heretic mode]I want to work at the advanced magic labs at the Unseen University on Discworld! …but on second thought… those wizards are celibate, aren’t they?.. never mind. [/Heretic]

I’m a little concerned about how the MoM plays fast and loose with the rules, and the legal system is draconian. Other than that, I’m convinced that Hogwarts needs a psychologist (certainly the career counseling is abyssmal and the acculturation for students from Muggle families is non-existent). But mostly I’d like to shack up with Tonks.

And how does that magic stuff work, anyway? Studying it from a scientific viewpoint would be like being Isaac Newton discovering all kinds of completely amazing things, and you’d get your name down in history as the first scientist to study magic.

What, and live in a world where no fantasy reference had any thought to it besides plot convenience?
No, thanks.

Good point. Would we have to be JK Rowling characters? I think she’s a wonderful writer, but I’m pretty sure her characters would say she’s a royal bitch.

:slight_smile: So where’s the Middle Earth thread?

I have no idea what it is, but I would want to do something that involved Arithmancy on a regular basis. It just sounds cool.

You may be interested in my three-and-a-half year-old speculations on the subject.

I keep hoping someone will be.

Ask, and ye shall receive:


Sure! Like Chronos, I’d love to work for the Department of Mysteries. With my luck I’d end up as a Squib though.

Why would you think science would be useful for finding that out?

Virtually everything wizards do violates the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, & probability as we know them. Therefore, in the Potterverse, those laws are either wrong on their face, or entirely inadequate, as there is a “meta” set of laws that includes the Muggle laws of nature but is not bound by them. It wouldn’t surprise me if there WAS no genetic difference between Wizards & Muggles–if the difference is entirely spiritual.