Would you make a diamond out of your spouse?

We can do it. We have the technology.

They’re blue because of the borum.

I’d do it and wear it everyday. But since I’m going to die before any of my children or my spouse, it’s not an option.

I’m not morbid, am I?

In a New York minute, Biggirl! I love the idea of keeping my husband with me like that.

my wife says she wants to be made into a ring that i wear on my right hand so she can be making love with me when I masturbate…

My wife is twisted like that, thats why we will celebrate our 20th anniversary in a couple of months.

I could see it now…

Man Proposing: Sweetheart, I love you more than
anything in the world, will you marry me?

Woman being proposed to: Oh yes darling! Yes! Yes! A
thousand times yes! I only wish your dear departed
grandma could have been here for this!

MP: Oh but darling, sweetheart, love of my life, she
IS here…in your diamond! It’s a LifeGem! We took
her body and after having her cremated we had the
carbon from her body scientifically compressed and
turned into the most beautiful of diamonds. Isn’t it

Wbpt: Uh? you mean I’m wearing your DEAD GRANDMOTHER
on my ring finger??? EWWWWWWWW GET IT OFF OF ME GET

I’ve heard that these ‘lifegems’ might actually be a scam.

But no, I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that any more than I would cut off her ear and wear it as a pendant.

The entire idea makes me very uncomfortable. Creeps me out as much as the thought of having a dead family pet stuffed and mounted.

Yes, that’s my plan if he goes first. The other option would be having his ashes scattered at sea since our plan is to retire aboard a sailboat. Probably depends where we are at the time.

If he were to keel over today, it would be the diamond. I would not continue to live in this area, and his family is scattered all over the country, so there’s no place for interrment that would be significant to him. I’d prefer to have his remains in a gem than to cart a box or urn of ashes around until I die.

Besides, he’s a gem of a husband so it’s only fitting that his earthly remains reflect that after he passes.

But I realize that some folks are creeped out by the idea, so I wouldn’t tell everyone.

Personally, I’d rather have an ash tray or a lamp shade or something. Maybe a jacket or a pair of gloves.


LifeGem.com? Does it come with tech support?

You can have this done with pets, too. I saw the option when I had my dog cremated.

I think it’s a little creepy.

Hey, finally she’ll have a pear-shaped ass.

If I had the money I’d do it with my dogs’ ashes. But I dunno about a human.

We have a joke about that in my family.

Points to left ear This is grandma and… pointing to left …here’s grandpa.

Nope - I wouldn’t do it.

An Englishman named Tony Gribble requested that his ashes be placed inside an egg timer “so that I shall continue to be of use after my death.”*

That would suit me just fine, except that I’m not sure I ever have been useful.

*I remember hearing this about Anthony Hopkins, but I was unable to find confirmation anywhere on the Web.

Sure, as long as I wouldn’t have to squeeze her myself.

Come on people. Who among us has said, “hmmmm when I die I want to end up as costume jewelery tossed in the junk drawer.?” You know that’s where your going to end up if you do this pressed carbon deal. Just imagine your poor grandkids going thru your dead childrens’ stuff, finding you, the taudry ruby, in the kitchen drawer amongst the mismatched silver, pens with no caps and chew bitten pencils. “Oh look it’s Grandma, so nice to see her again!!!”

I remember reading about this in Maxim a few months ago. There were also a few other options besides the diamond. You can also choose [href=http://www.memorialart.com/]art or [href=http://www.celebratelife.net/]fireworks. Do you think they get many requests for dogs playing poker?

oh horseshit, i’ll blame the nyquil on that one. ok



Ah yes, I can see the conversation now…

SO: “Honey, I’d like a nice diamond ring/earrings/necklace for Valentines Day.”

Me: “Sure. You bring the bodies, I’ll stoke the fireplace.”

Would I make a diamond out of my spouse? No. A nice lasagna, perhaps.

Seriously: How do we know this isn’t a scam? I mean, what’s to prevent this company from taking the bodies, cremating them (or dumping them in a lake behind the crematorium), and then giving its customers a fifty dollar cubic zirconia? Who’s gonna know? How do you DNA test a rock?