Would you mind eating cloned meat?

Don’t know if maybe this has already been covered here after the initial FDA decision, but I came across this article:

I find it strange that given the U.S. government’s take on human cloning, that the FDA gives the green light for people to eat cloned animal meat?

Realistically, would cloning meat save that much money for meat-producers to even make it viable?

I’m sure I’ve eaten and will eat much worse than cloned meat. Like, say, KFC. Or Taco Bell. I’m building up my body’s unnatural defenses.

I think the idea is that you could clone high value animals with good genetics and implant them in host mothers. That way you get 10,000 copies of the 4H milk cow of the century instead of just one.

Also the government doesn’t want human cloning because the religious think god will explode or something. More likely they’re afraid that when cloned babies are normal and healthy, people will take it as evidence that the soul and god don’t exist.


Maybe. But I’d imagine risks of a single disease wiping out a much larger proportion of animals are larger.

The good about cloning: the 10,000 copies of supercow or, say, every edible strain of apple (they don’t grow true to seed).

The bad: lack of natural selection and mutations that could bring something better. Plus, if that supercow is prone to a certain disease, then all those supercows die the same way. Like a supercow potato famine, which is a great band name, now that I see it.

Would I mind eating cloned meat?

Would you mind eating the meat from the second of a pair of twin steers?

Supercow Potato Famine!

Wow. Yes. A great band name. I like to imagine what their first hit would be.

Thanks for the laff.

Of course not. It tastes twice as good.

The don’t see why not as long as the taste is the same.

mmm… cloney dogs

Call me when they can grow meat in a lab.

We’re already eating cloned bananas. I can’t see why cloned animals would be more of a problem.

But erislover’s and Birdmonster’s comments about the vulnerability of all cloned animals to the same disease are well taken, since that fate seems to be overtaking the banana.

Yes I would.

Is there a standard suite of tests done on meat to verify if it’s safe? Like, for instance, if a new type of hybrid animal is bred in the old-fashioned way? Unless I hear a good reason why these tests are inadequate against a cloned animal, I see no reason to worry about it.

This is all very alduous huxley for me…but I am sure I’ve eaten cloned things before. It doesn’t matter much to me whether it’s a cloned tomato or a cloned Angus - it’s still cloning a sentient being either way.

You’ve been eating sentient tomatoes?

No. I mean Bald Eagle or Koala meat might be very tasty and healthy and could completely change our diets.

Bring on the cloned endangered animals for tasting.

Now, there’s an image; "Help me ! Help me ! * MUNCH *
And yes, I’d eat cloned meat. As said, twins are just natural clones and we eat twin animals all the time.

The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was really a documentary.

You do?