Would you pay to drive in the worst traffic in the world?

I had this idea that people would actually pay for a trip, hotel and car rental to drive in some of the worst traffic in the world. The travel agent would provide a info packet telling the tourist where to start off and at what time and where to go. I would assume that morning rush time would be the busiest time.

I’m sure there would be people who are willing to take such a vacation, but would there be any issues from the cities with the congested traffic complaining that you are adding more cars? Would you take such a trip?

So, do terrible ideas come naturally to you, or is it a craft, like winemaking?

A better challenge: **create **the worst traffic in the world by convincing enough people to go to a particular place and drive. Marketing is everything.

No. What makes you think that someone would?

People already do this. All the major Manhattan tunnels and bridges have tolls.

It must have caught on, because Chicago has them too.

Well, people do move to those places, although I have no idea why. Higher crime, air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, higher cost of living, less elbow room, as well as shitty traffic obviously have a lot of appeal for a lot of people.

No… I would not pay money to drive in bad traffic. I would go 4 hours out of my way and take more pleasant back roads to keep away from the city. And I have.

Maybe people could take vacations where they stay in a prison. You could go to Marion Prison in Illinois and spend twenty-three hours a day alone in your cell. Be shackled and spend the one hour left in an exercise area alone. I would almost rather spend a week doing that, if I had books to read.

Sure, as long as I get to drive a car that handles like a Porsche and has the same invulnerability as a HMMWV.