Would you rather spend an evening with Jose Plecnik or Loie Fuller?

The Vienna-trained architect who transformed Llublanja into a new Athens, or the American choreographer who pioneered modern dance and inspired Isadora Duncan?

Have at it!

I’ve written about Loïe Fuller, so I’m a bit prejudiced in her favor.

But I wouldn’t expect anyone else on the Dope to have heard of her. Same for Jože Plečnik, who you appear to have misspelled. (Cut and paste those diacriticals!) Never heard of him.

Bloody spellcheck! Oh, well…I can’t pronounce his name, either.

I’d never heard of him before I visited Slovenia last year. Llublanja is a beautiful little city, and it’s mainly because of this one guy!


I also recommend Slovenian preserved turnip stew, which is much more delicious than it sounds.