Would you recommend the SDMB to your friends and acquaintances?

Not until we tame the Pit. It is embarrassing.

So do I, kayaker, so do I.

The late Kopek and I met several Dopers in person and I’m FB friends or stay in touch otherwise with a few of them. I don’t mention this place by name to people but occasionally make vague reference to “a message board that I read.” One aunt in particular has too much free time on her hands and gets way too nosy about things so I definitely don’t want her here.

I had an even better GATEKEEPER show up when I mentioned that hubs was working on making coffee mead for me. china guy not only insulted hubs for wasting good honey on making coffee flavored mead for me, he said that hubs should stop buying honey from a local beekeeper and drive a few hours to buy the fake shit that Costco sells.

I’m a retired government worker. I have been trained for over 20 years to just let shit slide off my back and now that I’m retired, I just don’t give a shit.

Many younger people don’t have those skills.

I think you misunderstood the post.

Everyone was polite and helpful in the thread, and @China_Guy’s the response was:

He was encouraging your husband to make coffee mead, and suggesting how he could possibly save money.

He said you’re not going to be able to taste difference between expensive honey and cheap honey in coffee mead, so if you want to save money buy cheap honey.

Nothing discouraging, nothing disrespectful, so I don’t know what you mean by ‘gatekeeper’.

What are some examples of those, out of curiosity? Not trying to pry, just general, representative examples.

It’s also true that “insult” is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Any questioning of the premise is often viewed as “how dare you question my question” by the question-asker.

Generally more special interest, like a writer’s message board, A message board associated with a magazine she reads, etc. I’m not sure which specific ones she uses now, but she has zero tolerance for people who like to attack others not like them.

I had this comment fresh in my mind when you started an ATMB thread detailing your posting stats:

Number of Posts: 27,112

Most words in a single post: 3,078, but “The Journey” easily outpaced that with 6k of words… but I broke it up into 6 posts for clarity purposes.

I think you’ll have to wait until your kids are retired and have plenty of free time (and no responsibilities) before they’ll be able to read all that.

No, not any more. I’d be ashamed I’d be associated with it. Like Facebook, I use it because still has marginal utility to me. Force of habit.

Hey, welcome back and I apologize (if it’s not too late) for that. I thought I was being sarcastically funny and it didn’t work out right in text. Contrary to McCluhan’s claim, the medium isn’t completely the message.


Gee, I don’t think it was you, was it? It was years ago. Needless to say, I got over it. But thanks.

Referring to MM marks you as a fellow old person. Or a very well-read young-ish one. I like either one of those.