Would you say she is overweight?

Just wondering…


If you have to ask…

I don’t know how to post an attachment.

Those pants make her ass look big. Tell her…

Lose weight? If She lost any more weight she’d be a he.

(I wouldn’t recomend that you “Sh…!” her either):stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t attach images into posts here, James Toothpaste. If you can upload it to a free image host like photo bucket, imgur, etc, then you can get a link to the pic (often under a “share” button). You can just cut and paste that link right into a post here.

Hope that helps!

And the point of this impossible-to-answer-intelligently-without-any-information question is…?

Well, in the absence of a picture, I’ll say that her weight is ok, she just needs to hit the gym and tone up some.

do not confuse the ad photos for the intended photo for the poll.

in my case i can see a model for a tanning product and a cruise ship.

I can’t imagine any topic being more pointless. Even if we had a picture.


I think she could stand to lose a little weight. I bet she has to wear elastic waist pants.

(Pic should be safe for work. It’s a picture taken from behind of a hippo mama and her baby swimming at the Berlin Zoo).

Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go 'round.
Hippos, that is.

You can’t post attachments here, so feel free to remake this thread linking to the picture. If it’s NSFW, remember to put it under a spoiler or break the link.

I’m going to close this for now, but feel free to remake it once you have the photo, it doesn’t really serve a point without one (other than being “teh funny”).