Would you say there is an element of sexism in the opposition to Le Pen?

It seems a lot of people are employing quite sexist rhetoric in their opposition to Le Pen. I find this rather concerning, as France has the opportunity to make history in the fight for gender equality by electing their first female president, unlike the US shamefully failed to do back in 2016.

Surely people who consider themselves allies of women can’t possibly consider voting for yet another straight white male neo-liberal who has demonstrated that he only has the best interests of the rich and is for institutional sexism. Hopefully people have learned from their mistakes from last election. France should set an example for the US and the rest of the world, we need more female leaders. Men have caused enough trouble throughout history, it’s time for them to step aside.

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Or perhaps the people of France shouldn’t vote for a Nazi sympathizer just because they happen to possess two X chromosomes.

I hope the French do not repeat the mistake the US-americans made with Clinton/Trump in reverse: just because M. Macron is an unpopular white man, and rightly so, bacause he is a neo-liberal, in McKinsey’s pocket, un arriviste neo-enarque, and many other bad things, this does not make him worse than a fascist, unrepentent daughter of a torturer, even more corrupt than him, even if she is a woman.
In this instance, Macron plays the role of Hillary Clinton and Md. Le Pen the role of Trump.
BTW: The sexist opposition the Md. Le Pen came, I seem to remember, mostly from M. Zemmour’s camp, not M. Macron’s. He is, of course, even more openly fascist than she is in public. The only good thing about fascists is that the sometimes devour themselves. Only sometimes, unfortunately.
Now I am wondering what this “B” may mean that the OP claims to be.

The last time a French president was re-elected was in 2002 when the alternative was a man named Le Pen.

Jean-Marie Le Pen. The father of Marine Le Pen.

The leader of the party for almost four decades before turning over the leadership to his daughter.

As an outsider it seems to me the Le Pen family are very much entrenched in the establishment she claims to oppose. Therefore the idea that there is a clear difference between her and Macron on this nature seems silly. So you then look at the politics and Macron made a point in their debate if she is so committed to helping the little guy why did she vote against policies his party introduced that would have helped that.

A French ex-girlfriend of mine read a biography of Le Pen and told me some of the highlights. Le Pen’s background and core beliefs are scary. I’m horrified she’s anywhere close to the presidency of France. She has softened her image a lot but I don’t think she’s a changed woman. I think she would make Trump look like a lefty.

I would love to see more female leaders, but I certainly wouldn’t vote for a candidate for that reason a lone. Particularly if she’s rather fascisty.

Perhaps the OP would like to suggest a non-fascisty alternative? I’ll start… Christine Lagarde!

Is this actually true? You haven’t given any examples.

She’s a fascist, and fascists govern in ways that harm gender equality. She’s no Hillary Clinton, more like a Sarah Palin.

If people are using sexist language against Le Pen, then they ought to stop doing that. But nobody should vote for a woman with fascist policies, wrongly believing it helps women.

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There are many overwhelming reasons to vote against LePen. The fact that she’s female isn’t one of them.

There exists an ongoing pattern (on the left as well as the right, and from radicals as well as status quo parts of the system types) that when an abhorrent politician happens to be female, extremely sexist & misogynistic epithets and concepts are hurled at her.

This is, in and of itself, a political problem. I saw it used against Hillary Clinton (by folks to her left as well as the right-wing establishment), I saw it used against Sarah Palin, I’ve seen it used against Marjorie Taylor Greene pretty often, and definitely against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so no surprise that it’s used against LePen. It’s nasty and aiming it at someone whose politics you deplore doesn’t mean it isn’t a slap in the face to every woman. Because her being female is, or should be, utterly irrelevant to your hostility.

This is the mystery of the day.

Yeah, you sound pretty suspicious. Care to enlighten us what the “B” you claim to be stands for? So we can LOL with you.
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