Would you take a higher paying job, even if your loved ones didn't want you to?

My husband got offered a job he applied for 10 years ago. He was put on the waiting list, and pretty much forgot about it. At that time it was a lower paying job, but he wanted out of the company he was working for. I wasn’t crazy about the idea then, and less so now. For one thing it’s very physical, he’s not. It’s also a dangerous job, were you have to deal with the scum of the earth. I told him I didn’t want him to do it, so did his mom. He says he’s just thinking about the money, but the money isn’t THAT good, it’s just a few hundred more a month.

Well, it would depend on a lot of factors, including just how badly I wanted to take the job, why I wanted to take the job, and why my loved ones didn’t want me to take the job. Well, and how badly we needed the money.

Depends on a lot of factors…but ultimately, we are each our own person and must do what is in our own best interest.

What sort of job would make a difference. Besides the pay, my loved one’s feelings (if you bump into any of mine, ask them to get in touch) and the “deal with the scum of the earth” factor might weigh in.

For me it would depend on what the job was, why my loved ones thought it was a bad idea, and how much more money it’d mean. Also, would it involve moving?

If my husband were absolutely 100% dead set against it, I’d probably not take it. He wouldn’t take a job I was 100% dead set against.

Ask him please not to take the job. Is he desperate for the “few hundred a month” that it would provide? It doesn’t sound so. He applied for the job 10 years ago? So it took them 10 years to reply? What does that tell him about the place? If he’s concerned about the money, tell him to apply for other jobs. Perhaps they’ll answer in less than 10 years.

I’d say, tell him NOT to take it.

Just my 2 cents.

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Yay!!! He’s not taking the job. He talked to somebody who had the same job, but quit after one day. They send CID agents to your house and do background checks on your friends. And a bunch of other creepy stuff.

What is so creepy about the background checks? :confused:

What was the job, if I might ask?

They do background checks on every single person you have contact with in your day to day life.

The job is a form of Law Enforcement.

Yikes! Like for employers when they do their hiring?