Would you take a three hour tour on the Minnow?

So, I am sitting here at work and thinking about the “if you could only have one thing while you’re stranded on a desert island” thing. (Yes, I am that bored.) I was going to choose something like “a short-wave radio” or “a boat”, but then I wondered, “How did I get on the desert island to begin with?” Obviously, there is only one place where this train of thought can possibly go: Gilligan’s Island

So here’s the question: If you knew that The Minnow was going to be stranded helplessly on it’s three hour tour, would you still take the trip?

My first instinct was no, I don’t want to be stranded on some godforsaken island in the Pacific. Who would? But I’ve changed my mind. I would take the three hour tour aboard The Minnow, and I’ll tell you why:
[ul]1.)I don’t have much planned for the next three years anyway
2.)Maryanne and Ginger are hot
3.)There’s only one guy who is any real competition for the ladies’ affections - you do the math
4.)The professor can make anything you’ll ever need out of a few coconuts and bamboo - even automobiles
5.)Maryanne and Ginger are really hot
6.)Whenever island life starts to get monotonous and boring, I can count on somebody interesting like the Harlem Globetrotters stopping by.
I7.)The weather there is always the same 75 degrees and low humidity - even in the dead of winter or the height of summer.
8.)Maryanne and Ginger are really really hot
9.)Even if I lose my job here, I bet Mr. Howell would slide me considerable cash when we get back.
10.)Damn, Maryanne and Ginger are hot.[/ul]

So, how about you?

Also, a side question : If you could only take one thing to Gilligan’s Island, what would it be?

[sub]err, no.3 should read “only one other guy…”[/sub]

I have to concur on points 2,5,6, and 10.

I would take the tour, I think. My one item would be swim trunks. you can’t tell me that wearing jeans on a tropical island is all that comfortable (Mary Ann had the right idea with her little denim shorts, that minx). Besides, as you mentioned, the Prof. can make anything else I might need out of coconuts and palm leaves.
My wife might get a little upset at me being gone for a few years, but I’d just work the “Mr. Howell will float us boatloads of cash” angle whilst keeping the “potential 3-way with Mary Ann and Ginger” angle quiet.

Make that 2,5,8, and 10.
not that I have anything against the Globies or anything

0h, I don’t know. While the possibility of a Tina Louise/Dawn Wells sandwich is enough reason to go, the thought that every-single-stinking-time there’s a chance to go home Gilligan screws it up would really put a pall on things.

Unless my one item was a good sharp knife.

No, I’d never take the trip.

1.) I HATE Cocoanut Cream Pie.

2.) Although I like cycling, I hate stationary bikes, and they seem to use them for everything there.

3.) No new books. I can live without TV or movies, but I need my books.

4.) There’d be too much competition for Mary Ann. Mrs. Howell is married, and guys universally seem to prefer Mary Ann. Unless she’s extremely practical and liberal with her affections, a lot of us are going to be very frustrated.

5.) I’m not that big a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters, the Mosquitos, lost Japanese Soldiers, and the like, either. I don’t like shipwrecked lions or flotsam and jetsam like explosive plastic.
On the whole, I’d rather take a trip in a teleportation booth with a fly.

I’m in.

I’m a straight female, so that rules out most of your reasons, but I’m in because of reasons 1, 4, 6, 7 and 9. I’ll also add the Professor is hot! What can I say – I have a thing for geeks.:slight_smile:

As for what to bring, well, I could probably fashion a pair of knitting needles and a drop spindle out of something. If we’re being practical, either a Swiss Army knife or a reliable transmitter and electronics repair kit. If we’re having fun, the biggest collection of paperback mysteries I can lay my hands on, including the complete works of Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. Throw in Ellis Peters if we’re allowing for books published after the series ended.

Oh, Professor . . .