Would you take the Shallow Hal procedure?

Lacuna Inc has developed a radically new brain surgery procedure and you’ve been picked as one of their test candidates. In essence, what they’ve done is discovered the module of your brain that’s responsible for physical attraction and the module that’s responsible personality attraction and discovered how to bring those two modules into concordance.

The first procedure they offer is called the “Shallow Hal Procedure” and involves making the physical attraction module fall into sync with the personality attraction. So when you meet a person who you find has a great personality, you find yourself becoming irresistibly physically attracted to them as well. You might be intellectually aware that this person is 300lbs, has buck teeth and horrible skin and that these are not the looks which society values, but you’re brain becomes reprogrammed in such a way that you can’t help but have those factors turn you on.

The second procedure is called the “Reverse Shallow Hal Procedure” which reverses the connection and makes the personality attraction module fall into sync with the physical attraction module. When you meet someone you find hot, even though you’re intellectually aware that they might be clingy, shallow and boring, you can’t help but be attracted to that type of personality.

You’ve been picked as one of the lucky few to be offered a first chance to try out these procedures. Both procedures are minimally invasive, completely safe and free of charge.

Would you choose to undertake one of these procedures? Which one?

No, I wouldn’t; I sort of like being aware of all flaws that a prospective partner may have. I mean, I’m going to have to live with them, aren’t I?

That said, I would consider the Shallow Hal procedure to be the less disastrous of the two. I could handle having a little less of a preference for women who are short and long-haired. However, completely losing all ability to assess appearances would be a bad thing in my opinion.

No, I don’t mind flaws, and often, they’re cute. :wink:

That said, I can’t see the advantage of this procedure. As it stands, you become attracted to someone who already is “in sync” with your physical attraction and personal attraction modules. All you’re doing is widening the playing field… making more people overall attractive. If you just want to go out and get laid, that’s good. If your ultimate goal is to settle down with someone, why bother?

I want the treatment – keyed to IQ, not personality. The smarter a woman is, the better she looks to me.

Personalities can change, but there’s no fixing stupid.

I’m kinda like Shallow Hal anyway. The more I get to know and like a woman, the better she looks to me. If you ask me who I think the hottest female celebrities are, I’ll list actresses who have played characters that appeal to me. Thus, Jewel Staite and Allison Hannigan will be listed well before Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba, because the latter haven’t (to my knowledge) ever played anyone I’d like to watch TV with all night.

For me, this could only help with the truly ugly, not just the plain or slightly flawed. I haven’t seen Shallow Hal, but my impressions of what I have seen is that he was also able to sort the nice gals from the total bitches from across the room. Now *that *would be useful.

Hmmm… Actually, this might be useful in my non-sexual life. It’d be much simpler to sort out the complete bastards in my life. Just avoid hanging out with the ugly people.

I’ll pass on both - don’t really think those things could be changed without changing who I am - and in a sense, putting part of the real me to death.

It seems to me that most people already have their brains wired in at least one of those patterns even without extra surgery.

That said, this looks much more like a poll than a debate, so it is off to IMHO.

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Me, too, but with guys. And the opposite, too. Knowing certain good-looking men are complete douches makes them physically repulsive in my eyes. And being funny or especially interesting usually makes them hotter. No surgery needed!

Perception is reality

Why would I want to? Personality trumps looks every time, and anyone who thinks otherwise really needs to grow up.

The reverse procedure seems like the blueprint for a horror story.

This is true. My “perception” of what is “good looking” is different than a lot of people. I like big cuddly nerdy guys.

I think it’d be great to have a way to “see” personality. You can’t see that now, you can only see looks. It’d be better if people with great personalities were bright green or something, but if the visual cue was “smoking hot” then that’d be fine too. It’d make it a lot easier to weed out the bad ones.

This is pretty much what online dating can do. Get to know a person by their personality first and the looks become secondary.

But then you might find yourself fucking Ann Coulter. I mean, she’s not stupid. She’s pure unblinking puppy-raping kitten-strangling ozone-depleting mouse-gluing forest-fire-starting pig-fellating evil, but she’s not STUPID.

Oh, man. The Reverse Shallow Hal procedure sounds horrible. Being drawn to self-absorbed ditzes and arrogant bitches just because they happen to be beautiful? That’s a recipe for disaster. Eek.

So… What’s your sign?

Actually, you can, sort of. You can’t see longer term stuff like if the person is abusive of waiters or turns psycho at the first sign of conflict. But you can tell an amazing amount of stuff about a person in the first few seconds of interaction, and a huge amount in about 4 minutes.

Jesus…my messed up brain kept reading this as Hal Briston treatment, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what you were trying to infer about him.

Given what we know of Hal’s proclivities, I would definitely not take that procedure. :eek: :wink:

No pulling the wool over your eyes.

Bah. I’ve got mutton.

I’ve already had the Shallow Hal procedure.
It’s called beer.

No. There are legitimate reasons to take a prospective partners appearance (especially weight) into consideration.

I think, with some exceptions, one can use weight to judge personality. If somebody doesn’t take care of themselves (via overreating and lack of exercise) I think that shows an aspect of their personality. I wouldn’t want to be blinded to that. Obesity can also reduce ones lifespan, and I would prefer a partner whose not going to kick the bucket much earlier than I am.

If I were to take a Shallow Hal style mind altering procedure, it would be to change my orientation from heterosexual to bisexual, thus doubling my potential dating options.

Are you kidding me? I’d take the first procedure in half a second, faster if I’d had my second cup of coffee. I detest the fact that I might turn down – and thus probably lose even the potential of friendship with – girls that I found perfectly interesting, nice, entertaining, or what-have-you, simply because I find them markedly physically unattractive.

Girls I don’t find attractive can’t help that fact, and as of right now, neither can I, which is why I (reluctantly) accept it for what it is. Offer me a way to change that, to use personal and intellectual compatibility as my only criteria instead of being forced to throw bullshit primal-holdover meaningless base attraction into the mix, and I’m supposed to seriously consider saying no?

Now, the second one, no; my personality IS a conscious choice, and the type of person I’d select as a partner is a part of that. I don’t want to start condoning (by virtue of being attracted to) the actions of horrible people just because they happen to be hot.

To the people who seem to be horrified by the thought of the first procedure, though…please explain further; I honestly don’t understand where this would be a bad thing. Blalron’s point that appearence can lend insight into personality is the best reason I’ve seen so far, and I would argue that the procedure would take that into account – in other words, the person who was overweight because of lack of self-control would still look unattractive to you if you found self-control important in a partner. If you wouldn’t have this procedure done, please elaborate on what you importance you feel physical attractiveness carries…personally, I see it as little more than an unfortunate biological defect.