Would you try out for this game show?

This one here.

Nope, but thanks for asking. :smiley:

in a fucking minute, dude!

I was actually seriously considering a little plan when it was announced a civilian could go up to Mir, provided he had a hugge hunk of cash. I was going to write to Bill Gates and try to bend his ear with a proposal to send me up into space, in an act of philanthropy that would forever be regarded as the beginning of real space travel. Once a normal citizen went up there and the whole thing was proved feasible, everybody would start going and the prices would drop and even more people would go and , <snap> like that he’d be in the record books as the father of the future.

but I never got around to writing it.

No, but there is a certain someone whom I would like to sign up.

Not a chance in hell. But, I guarantee people will be willing to do damn near anything to get on the show and win.

Sure, why not?

Well, the chance to go up in to space would be really cool, but Mir? I can only assume whoever wins wouldn’t be on the station alone. There’s no way anyone could run the place themselves without a lot of training, which the contest winner is not likely to get. Can you imagine what would happen to the network if their winner were to somehow get killed aboard that wreck?
I’d love to go up on the space shuttle sometime though. :slight_smile:

Hell no! I hate to think what physical shape they would expect you to be in to get on Mir. I’m too lazy to run laps for hours or whatever is needed. And I would never get selected anyway so it would be a waste of my time.

Depends on what’s involved in the tryout. If we’re talking purely physical stuff, yeah . . . I think I can hack most of that stuff. Mental I can probably do, but I’d have to quit school for a time. I don’t want to have to deal with that mound of paperwork.

Sorry, my browser keeps freezing up when I try to load the page. Am I right in assuming this is Survivor in space? If so, I think I would have to decline. The physical stuff, I don’t know about, but I don’t think I would do very well. The mental stuff, I know I could do. But the time away, and such I just couldn’t handle. At least on earth with Survivor you still have something familiar. You also have a greater chance of receiving something from your family (like the survivors getting letters/videos from home). In space, on Mir, you’re just there. Do you think they’d flip the bill for more flights up there then they’d have to? Probably not. There’s to many people I care about that I couldn’t just leave behind. Of course, I’d have to think about how much money I could win, first. :smiley: