How Many of You Would Like to Ride on the Next Shuttle Mission?

There’s going to be folks out there screaming that we should shut down the manned space program now that we’ve lost another seven astronauts. I, for one, am more than willing to ride the next one up, even if it’s a 100% certainty that the same thing would happen again on the flight. Hell, I’d go if the only way I could get up there was to be stuffed in a spacesuit and strapped onto a Delta rocket. How about the rest of you folks? Would you go? Even if you knew you’d never return to Earth alive?

Yes, absolutely.

Sign me up.

Crew member # 3 reporting for duty, I think there is room for 4 more.

(hoping the 60 second limit between postings don’t bump me out)

Actually that would be #4, with 3 seats remaining, didn’t count Tuckerfan.

I’d go.

When do I start?

Room for one more on the next flight, Hurry up.

I’d rather wait a couple decades and do the same but return alive.

Sign me up!

Ok we have our 7.

Everyone else would have to wait till the following shuttle.

I call shotgun!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Me! Me! Me!

Count me in! Talk about the ride of a lifetime!!!


If I go, do I get to eat that yummy, yummy freeze-dried astronaut ice cream?

I do?

Sign me up!

7? pfffft! There’s plenty of room in the cargo bay. I call a window seat!

Somebody better make some damn windows in this cargo bay!


sits on Chandeleur’s lap so she can look out the window too

Only if I can pogo :boink boink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Me, too. I’ve always wanted to go.

In zero-G you wouldn’t pogo - you’d just po. Then your head would hit the ceiling.

Damn these first-come-first-serve flights. I guess I’ll have to go on the waiting list for flight #2.