Would you want to live on the moon for a week?

This is the poll question on CNN today. It is in response to NASA’s announcement of a manned moon mission by 2018, but the question makes no mention of it. It’s just asking if you’d like to take a 1 week vacation on the moon, all concerns aside. Who the hell doesn’t? It’s a week. It’s on the moon. The current poll numbers are 53% No, 47% Yes. Where is this mysterious anti-lunar majority? I’d like to know if we have similar numbers on the dope.

So, would you want to live on the moon for a week? Why or why not?


Why? Because it’s the fucking MOON! The question answers itself.

As for the no voltes, I can only guess that those are the people who don’t trust NASA. Or maybe it’s just one guy hitting “No” a whole bunch.

Either way, to hell with them - I wanna go to the Moon!

Well, I really like cheese. But there’s not a bit in the house. And the Moon is made of cheese.
[Much banging, sawing, drilling and welding insues, followed by a brief but very loud roar.]
Funny, this doesn’t taste like any cheese I’ve ever had. Oh well…it’s a grand day out, anyway.



Why? Why not? I like deserts.

Yes, of course I do, though given the choice I’d rather spend a week in high orbit above the earth. I don’t get the no votes either.

Dear God yes.

If there’s anything to this reincarnation stuff, I’m coming back when there is established space travel and joining Star Fleet.

Ofcourse, you would be in orbit around the earth if you were on the moon :slight_smile:

As for the OP: ofcourse I want a week on the moon. Why would you even have to ask?

This would scare me, I’m not sure I would want to spend a week. If Mars was a choice, I’d go to mars, at least theres a chance to rebuild the atmoshphere while I’m there.

That, and it would prove my mother right, not that she would have anything to do with getting me there.

I don’t think I could hold my breath for that long.

Ernie from Sesame Street says no.

If I had to spend a week inside a tiny capsule where I could hardly move, then maybe I’d be a bit hesitant. But if there was a big enough area to walk around in, like an actual lunar base, I would definitely go. Imagine being able to jump 6 times higher than you would on Earth! Being able to see for myself the entire Earth at once would be amazing. I would go all the way over there just to be able to drop a feather and a hammer at the same speed.

My gosh, yes.


A week? I don’t think I can hold my breath that long.

What he said.

In spades.

Well, I’d go. No question about it.

But I imagine there’s a fair number of people thinking, "you can’t trust the drinking water, and they overcharge you in those tourist-trap bars, and then there’s all that greasy foreign food, and what are we going to do with the kids? there’s not a single properly supervised play area in the whole of the Oceanus Procellarum … "

What kind of accomadations are they talking about? If you just have to bounce around in a spacesuit with an air tether for a week then that would kind of suck.

OTOH, if they had this big hotel with strippers doing crazy stuff in 1/6th gravity then I would be all over that.

Hell, yes! That’d be cool. Exploring, watching Earthrise, jumping really high, throwing things really far, visiting past Apollo landing sites… sign me up, dude.

Beat me to the reference. My second-favorite “Sesame Street” moon song. (First being “Elmo and the Lavender Moon.”)

Re the original question? Um, not just yes, but how about fuck yes. But it’d be better if it were a month.
Get it? Month? Moon? …Anyone?

In theory yes. In actuality - I’m afraid of heights.