Would you try to lift Thor's Hammer?

Not sure whether to put this one in Cafe Society or not…

Anyway, the scenario, as in the scene in the Age of Ultron movie* you are hanging out with the Marvel movie version of Thor when he gives you the opportunity to try to lift his hammer (you at the back, stop it).

Do you give it a try? If not, why not?

Personally I think I’m kind of Black Widow’s opinion (“That’s not a question I need an answer to”) but I admit I would be curious, and I also know that as irrational as it is if I couldn’t lift it that would bother me.

So, do you give it a try?


I’m not an elevator, so no.

Also I probably couldn’t lift the thing even if it weren’t magic. Dang thing looks heavy.

“That’s not a question I need answered.”


In a second! Even if I don’t succeed in picking it up, *DUDE, I JUST GOT TO TOUCH THE MYSTICAL HAMMER OF THOR! *

There’s no penalty if I can’t movie it, like being dropped into a pit of despair forever. The only thing that will happen is the Avengers will laugh at me. I doubt I meet the standards of “worthiness” that a supernatural object holds.

On the other hand…maybe I can movie it! best to find out.

Sure, out of curiosity. I doubt it would work with any version of Mjolnir, since I’m not particularly special or “worthy” or super-strong. But, Mjolnir just refuses to move, unlike some other “picky” weapons in fiction and myth it doesn’t hurt or kill you for touching it. So why not?

Even Captain America has failed to lift it before. My skin isn’t so thin that failure will crush me. Besides…

I have no idea whether I’d succeed or fail, which is precisely why I’d take the opportunity to try. And if I did fail, I wouldn’t take it as all that much of an insult, because I don’t know if the hammer’s notion of “worthy” corresponds to my own notion of the same.

I’d also, if given the opportunity, experiment with an elevator, a train, etc. What happens if Thor sets it down on a coffee table, and then I remove the table?

What part of

don’t people understand?

Plus it gives you an lead in for so many dirty jokes.

Sure. I mean, “worthiness” excuse aside, it’s pretty much made for one guy so I can’t feel too hurt when it doesn’t budge.

Or maybe I am worthy, just very, very weak. Does Mjolnir account for that? Could a worthy three year old swing it around? Maybe an intrinstic part of being worthy to wield it is not skipping arm day at the gym.

I dont fit their concept of worthiness, but I wouldn’t give up a chance to see what it felt like trying to move something so small that I couldn’t budge at all. Maybe even ask if Thor can hold it up effortlessly while I try.

Plus I’d get to tell people I touched it. It’s an nice story.

Even if it somehow does let me lift it, it wouldn’t freak me out as I might not have the values of Odin. I could be the errant good hearted person, not someone who is Valhalla material, which I am definitely not.

I would certainly try, and almost certainly fail. I’ll tell you who could have done it, though: Mr. Rogers.

I think I might just touch it and then leave as gracefully as possible. I doubt I could lift it even if I qualified.

Sure, I’d try.
It would go nicely right next to Excalibur.

As others have said, hell yes I’d try. There’s no way that I’m worthy of it, but to be able to say that I had a chance to do so would be awesome.

In the comic books, it has.

Marvel just concluded a story arc in which Jane Foster served as Thor for a time. During her tenure, she was also increasingly ill from breast cancer*. By the end, she was essentially bedridden (and painfully thin), but could still pick up Mjolnir.

    • When she’d transform into Thor, part of the transformation was Mjolnir purging her body of any poisons or toxins – which included the chemotherapy drugs she was being given. But, as the cancerous cells were “her,” Mjolnir’s enchantment didn’t touch those. Thus, becoming Thor kept neutralizing the treatments she was taking.

I’ve picked my Harley up after it fell over so I would give it a shot. And fail.

Exactly. Whatever it’s made from, it’s probably the density of osmium or something and weighs a hundred kilos. I’m not budging it even if I somehow am worthy.

Sure, I’d give it a try, and almost certainly fail. It won’t hurt me to try*, and I’d be curious, if nothing else.

*Probably. If Mjolnir has any degree of sentience beyond judging “worthiness”, I could see it getting annoyed with someone who’s absolutely not worthy, and giving them a little jolt. Nothing too drastic, just a “Dude, hands off” sort of thing.

Pretty much my answer too. I know what’s gonna happen. Not only will I not be able to lift it, that hammer’s got a mind of its own, and it might just be offended that I even tried.

Depends, do I have a nail that needs banging?