Would you turn in your significant other for a crime?

Would the severity of the crime influence your decision?

Poll to follow.

Have you ever been faced with this decision in real life? What did you do?

Probably not for most, would depend on the circumstances. I mean, if she kills someone on purpose I’d be pretty sure they had it coming, so whatever. On the other hand, if she runs over a hobo on the way home and fails to report it, I probably won’t be down. Obvious vetos are child porn or human trafficking, just about everything else is open ended.

Only if the crime is such that I’m also going to divorce her over it. Murder is probably on that list, but I couldn’t make that a blanket statement. If a guy rapes her and then she murders him in cold blood the next month, I’m not going to approve of that, but I’m going to understand it. If she kills the guy because he cut her off in traffic, I’m going straight to the cops with a stop at the divorce attorney on the way home.

Only special but I am not going to try to splain, too hard and it is personal so … ::: shrug ::::

No, I would not, but that’s not completely accurate in how it would play out. I have known and cared about people who have done some despicable things, and I’ve encouraged them to take action on that, whether it’s confess, make restitution or whatever. If it got to something very serious, like murder, I’m uncertain, as it would mean I’ve fundamentally misjudged someone, as I’d never embrace that I believed would be capable of that. I’d probably start my strongly encouraging them to confess and, barring unusual circumstance, probably break ties with them regardless of what they did.

I still don’t think I’d turn them in unless I believed that someone else might be in danger. But again, that’s so outside of anything I’ve experienced or expect to, I can’t even say what sort of murder, or even a lesser crime, might lead me to believe they’re dangerous.

And to explain that, I don’t feel it’s my place to make sure someone is punished, even if I’m the one harmed. That’s why I’d encourage people to confess and make restitution. But I do believe I have a moral obligation to prevent someone from harming another if I have reason to believe that would, and if I can’t stop that, and I likely couldn’t without physical force, that’s why I’d possible turn them in then.

It depends on the crime and the circumstances, but I’m 100% positive I’d turn him in for child rape/pornography.

One SO, never turned in. He was driving on revoked license and violating his probation - not allowed to drink.
Had he mixed the two? He never did, so I don’t know.
He asked me to lie to get him off the DWI charge and I refused.
He also asked me to lie so he could get out on house arrest, I refused that too.
Not that anybody would have believed the lies anyway.

Another SO, turned him in for driving on revoked license because he was driving my truck. If he got caught I’d get fined for letting him. I’d call and turn him in to cover my ass. He never got caught, I think nobody really cared.

A family member once dragged me into some legal bullshit. I was PISSED!!! Put me in a place where if I told the truth I could get them into trouble and probably cost them their job. I told the truth, but nothing more than direct answers to direct questions. If the person interviewing me had been paying more attention he would have caught on to what I wasn’t saying.

I voted “Yes, but only a felony or worse”

I am uncertain as to what specifically qualifies as a misdemeanor.

Murder, rape, pedophilia, robbery, selling drugs, etc. I call the cops ASAP.

Smoking weed, exceeding the speed limit, shop lifting he gets a pass.

Of course we would have a long talk about the shop lifting.

Also if we had kids this would be different. No crimes that endanger his ability to be there as a non-incarcerated Dad for the kiddos.

My first husband bought a stereo from a guy; It “fell off a truck” :smiley:

I haven’t yet…

She could be an Auschwitz guard but im not turning her in. Ratting out a person you love, who is otherwise a decent person, is reprehensible.


As much as I value justice, I value my husband more than anything. Especially considering what would happen to him in prison.

If you commit certain crimes and are not sufficiently remorseful to at least turn yourself in then you are not a “decent” person.

Yes obviously for most serious crimes such as murderb (as well as any other sort crime that results in a death or severe injury of a person such as hit & run), rape, serious assault, treason, espionage, armed robbery etc.

Yes for certain crimes. Murdering an innocent person, child porn, that kind of thing for sure. I’d really consider my marriage over for that kind of thing. If she ratted on me first maybe in some situations. If it was a crime I’d probably turn her in for not putting stuff away in the right drawers.

If she hurt someone I loved (murder, rape, abuse, theft, whatever) and I didn’t agree it was justified I’d head to the cops besides that I wouldn’t worry as long as I didn’t become an accomplis.

I would turn in my wife to the police for deliberately physically harming one of our children, for sexually molesting any child, or for murdering a member of my immediate family. Probably nothing else.l

As with everything in life, it would depend on the circumstances.

Never. Besides, she’s perfect.

Depends on the crime and against whom it was committed.


Felony? Almost certain.