Would you vote to keep the 3-1-1 rule (liquids through security)

For anyone that hasn’t flow in the past few years The 3-1-1 Rule.

If put to a vote this November, would you vote to keep, change, or alter this little bit of security theatre?

*flown, not flow.

If you vote to change it, what would you like to see changed?

The Europeans got rid of the rule and the shoe searches, what is the point of only having this in the US?

Did they? When?

I’ve not been shoe searched for a while, but I definitely had to get 100ml bottles and a silly little plastic bag for my moisturiser last year when flying to England to Germany, and the same coming back, as well as finish my drink before I could go through the check.

yeah true they have a 100 ml limit and got rid of the remove your shoe rules. I am not sure how 100 ml of liquid explosives are not dangerous.

I would vote to either get rid of all the ridiculous theater and switch to the Israeli system, or embrace it whole hog and make people fly naked.

Ew, have you seen the people flying these days?

That’s the point. If you take it to its logical extreme it will quickly die a deserving death.

Nobody wants to keep it? Do you want the terrorists to win?

Of course not. We should apply the rule strictly to all terrorists and not apply it at all to the rest of us. Easy peasy.

We’re just preventing them from becoming more clever. If we ban liquids, they will be forced to invent underwear bombs! Which as we all know requires more sophisticated technology, which may lead them to discover the secrets of the ninth ray.

While I don’t carry on any liquid in containers of more than 3 oz, I’ve never been arsed to package them up in separate bags, and nobody’s ever said anything about it.

PHD chemists have testified that it is flat impossible to create explosives simply by mixing liquids on the plane, such a bomb is fiction as the liquids do not exist.

So I vote to kick the rule.

*There are no stable reagents, it would blow up long before the guy got on board. Or would require further proccesing beyond mix together, you’d think the crew would notice a bunsen burner and flasks set up in the loo right?

Everyone but children, the very elderly, and the infirm should have to carry on 150ml of hard liquor (preferably scotch) in their stomachs. Who’s gonna cause a ruckus with that warm little pit of happiness in their stomachs? Bong hits are an equally viable alternative.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to step out of line and take a few killer rips.”

I came in here to note that we (Israel) never implemented this rule (well, until last summer when the US started refusing incoming flights from ports that don’t enforce the rule… :rolleyes:. And then, at least, only for US-bound flights).


FWIW, I’ve forgotten to take my bag of liquids out of my carry on two or three times. I’ve never been stopped for this. I don’t know if security is just sloppy and doesn’t notice it, or if they see it on the x-ray and decide it’s ok anyway. Most recently, this happened on my flight to Canada on Wednesday.

On the up side, and not on topic at all, I was allowed to keep my belt for screening on the way back. The security agent looked at it and said it was small, and I didn’t have to remove it.

Damned silly rule, get rid of it.
The only thing made safe by it is the profits of the folks selling water on the other side of the security gate.

This. If we try to change the rule now we will be destroying jobs. Selling ridiculously overpriced food and drink in American airports is one job that we know will never be outsourced. Anyone who complains about silly rules is helping terrorists AND throwing hard working Americans out of work.

It’s especially silly because it doesn’t apply to medications. Because a terrorist would never think to put his explodey juice in an empty Robitussin bottle.

It’s a real pain in the ass for people like me who travel frequently for food/wine/booze-related purposes. I’m going to a food blogger conference in Oregon next month, and if I want to bring back any wine or liquor (which I almost certainly will) I’ll either have to ship it or pay the fee to check a bag.

When I flew back from Frankfurt through Iceland a couple years ago, I was taken aside for the extra special random person search. The 3 people in the little room looked embarrassed about the whole thing, and they gave me a spiffy DVD on tourist stuff in addition to wanding me again, and doing the explosive swab thing. [I was accompanied from the plane inbound as I was using one of their wheelchairs and helpers.]

Being a fat [at the time] 48 year old white broad in a wheelchair really makes me profilable as a terrorist :rolleyes: