Would you want to receive flowers from a dead person?

A friend who lives out of the country wants to give roses to a friend whose daughter just passed away. She
wants me to deliver them anonymously to the grieving father’s house with a note (that I’ll write) that says

“Dear Dad,
Remember who you are. I am not gone.
I love you and I am always with you.”

And I’ll sign it with the daughter’s name.

Do any of you think this is creepy? Or will it be a comfort to the father?

Thank you for your thoughts!

Jesus. I was thinking of something like a standing order (I’ve known people who had one for a significant date) which hadn’t gotten cancelled, but this is…

I don’t think “creepy” begins to describe it.

Bad, bad, bad . Don’t do it. I can’t imagine any one would like that.

Another strong vote for “don’t do it”. It would be cruel.

The note may offer comfort or perhaps revenge but only if the father actually murdered his daughter.

Good grief, no no. It’s so presumptious, I’d be furious.

Thanks to all who replied. I agree that it’s a horrible idea! Glad to see that confirmed.

I think the idea behind it, and the sentiment, are OK, but this could backfire so badly that’s it’s definitely not worth the risk. Just send flowers with similar words from the sender, not ‘from’ the deceased.

As someone who lost a daughter, don’t even begin thinking about doing this.

The chances it could go well are very very slim. The chances it could go horribly wrong seem to me much better. Don’t do it.

:stuck_out_tongue: Ha! I was thinking it kind of has a Telltale Heart vibe to it. Props to the person for wanting to comfort the man but perhaps the OP can gently steer them away from this course of action.

"Dear Dad,

We both know what you did, and I’m gonna tell everyone else. Sweet dreams."

I would not do it.

Oh, god, no.

Would you want to receive flowers…


…from a dead person?

Fucks no.

Late to the “Oh, hell no” party, but adding mine to the pile. Creepy, wrong, and arguably disrespectful to the memory of the dead in the bargain.

Only if they were dead flowers. Sent by the U.S. Mail.

Maybe write the message in third person, like

“Dear <father’s name>,
Remember who you are. <daughter> is not gone.
She loves you and she is always with you.”

No, that doesn’t help either. Now he’s being haunted by her ghost.

Tell her not to cheap out–go for the full towel effigy.

That note would seem to imply suicide to me. :eek:

No, don’t.