Would you watch this Olympic event?

I think so. Any ideas for others?

I would enjoy the novelty the first time around and be sick of it by the third race. Watching people fall down a hill isn’t interesting…unless they’re chasing a wheel of cheese.

It would be improved by making it ski-jumping.

Oh yeah!

Awesome idea! <lol> And Kid_A, there would be so many ways to fall down the hill!!!

:smiley: Priceless

In the 88 winter Olympics, Eddie" the Eagle" Edwards represented Great Britain. He came in dead last at both heights. He was scary to watch because he was not very good and you were rooting for him not to break his legs. It sure added some excitement.

But Eddie actually practiced beforehand - practiced quite a lot, actually. He was too big to be a ski jumped and hadn’t a hope in hell of winning, but he jumped thousands of times before the Olympics. He just wasn’t world class at it, and got to go to Calgary only because of the qualification rules at the time (basically, he got to go because nobody else in the UK was a serious ski jumper, and under the rules of the time the UK was allowed to send at least one jumper even if he wasn’t very good.) They changed the rule afterwards.

For all the talk about how he was going to kill himself he really didn’t have any more a chance of killing himself than any of the other competitors; he was too practiced.

The Men’s Downhill Ski for Men Who Don’t Ski, however, requires the competitors have NO previous experience at all.