Would you?

Check your belief systems at the door for this thread.

Say that you were “psychic” – you could see glimpses of things yet to happen, but not know exactly [ul]
[li]The premonitions are not “written in stone” – if you warn someone, they can avoid the event[/li][li]Most people think you’re nuts when you warn them[/li][li] Whatever the event is, it usually happens within 2 weeks of your premonitions[/li][/ul]

Ok, hopefully, I have set the scene well enough. Within the given parameters, just an informal poll:

[li]Would you warn friends about your premonitions?[/li][li]Would you warn your enemies/not-friends?[/li][li]Would you warn someone who might take it more as a veiled threat from you?[/li][li]Why would or wouln’t you warn any of the above groups?[/li][li]If you didn’t warn someone and they died, would you feel guilty?[/li][/ol]

OK, I’ll (reluctantly) accept your premise.

I would warn everyone. (Why should I judge them?)

If someone reads it as a threat, I would back off. (Their loss.)

People would soon stop thinking I was nuts if I was right every time.

I’d have to warn everyone too… (assuming that everything I see is negative and I was always correct) I would feel guilty if I didnt warn people something bad was going to happen to them.

After people realize my powers Id start a business offering to tell people their future mishaps and advizing people how to avoid them. Nothing wrong with charging strangers a little $ to tell them their future :slight_smile:

For the record, my answers are:

  1. yep – my friends already know I am nuts, nothing to worry about there.
  2. nope – not-friends get no quorum from me
  3. this is the crux of why I did the informal poll – I don’t know if I would or not in this situation and I wonder how the general population (or in this case, the SDMB population) would respond
  4. I hate when I notice a typo when it’s too late to fix it…oops…uhmmm, I would warn my friends because they are my friends, I wouldn’t warn my not-friends because they are not-friends, and the other group undecided.
  5. Nope. I don’t do guilt.

Would you warn friends about your premonitions?
Sure. After getting a few premonitions right, they’d start believing me. Although that would suck after a while. I’d never get any peace. All day it would be: *“Hey Scruloose, if I ask Jenny out, will I get some?” “Hey Scru, who’s winning the game tonight?” “Hey Scru, where’s Osama?” “Who killed Jon Benet?”
Would you warn your enemies/not-friends?
Sure. But I don’t think I have any enemies. However, I’m sure there are a few people out there who would disagree with me on that.

Would you warn someone who might take it more as a veiled threat from you?

Why would or wouln’t you warn any of the above groups?
If someone told me to knock it off, that they didn’t want anymore ‘psychic’ malarkey out of me no matter what is was, I’d oblige.

If you didn’t warn someone and they died, would you feel guilty?
No. It’s not like I killed them.
Or did I? :dubious:

My answers are identical to yours. Are you psychic or sumpin? :wink:

[li]Would you warn friends about your premonitions?[/list][/li][/QUOTE]


Would you warn friends about your premonitions?
I probably would, but I’d swear them to secrecy.

Would you warn your enemies/not-friends?
Hard to answer. Maybe? I mean, I’d feel bad something happen to them, but there are good reasons to just shut up sometimes.

Would you warn someone who might take it more as a veiled threat from you?
Now, I can’t tell that until I’ve already warmed them have I? But same answer as above, probably not, albeit with some remorse.
Why would or wouln’t you warn any of the above groups?
Barring me forseeing some mega-catastrophe (9/11ish, Nuclear Bomb etc)
As much as I’d like to be able to prevent bad things from happening to anyong, I’d rather people not know I have this ability. Call me paranoid but if word leaked out I could fairly accurately predict the future how much longer am I going to be able to go about my life unmolested? I mean, who wouldn’t want someone like that in their pocket? My guess is someone like that wouldn’t just be a paparazzi target.

If you didn’t warn someone and they died, would you feel guilty?
Probably, but I can’t choose for people.

Let me clarify how I mean this particular situation. I am talking about having a premonition that involves someone with whom you have the type of relationship in which a veiled threat would not be completely out of the blue. Such as an ex-lover who might take it that you are threatening them for having left you, or your boss, maybe an ex-lover’s current lover? Someone with whom you may not have a good relationship or a bad one, but who would have a legitimate reason to believe that your motivation for telling them to “be careful” might be less than philanthropic.

ShiefferSaw, interesting thought – I was thinking in terms of negative premonitions. Would anyone’s answers change if it were positive things? Mine wouldn’t.

Well in that case,

I’d probably go on a case by case basis, but I think again I’d lean towards not.
Positive premonitions? Again, close friends and family I’d share it with, but other than that probably not. If it’s positive and going to happen there’s no since in doing something to prevent it? Unless you’re really feeling malicious.
I don’t want to come across as heartless but I just can’t come up with many scenarios where having this sort of information and sharing it with anyone but close friends and family ends well.