Would young Trump have been a better President than old Trump?

You don’t go to court, the VP and a majority of the Cabinet notify the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of their determination that the President is [del]unable to discharge his duty[/del] a fucking lunatic.

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I like going back to this video of Trump on Oprah in 1988. His core message is uncannily similar but he seems so much more relaxed and articulate than today that it’s hard to believe there hasn’t been a degree of mental deterioration over the last three decades. At the least I suspect the younger Trump would be better at coping with the huge pressures of the job. The overriding impression I get today is a man who is emotionally unstable and constantly blown around by the last thing that’s enraged him.

Invoking the 25th Amendment has nothing to do with a medical diagnosis. As noted previously, it also has nothing to do with a court.

Regardless of any official diagnosis, Trump certainly gives every appearance of being “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” in anything resembling a competent way, which is all that is required (besides some political spine).

As in, some kind of report from Trump’s current personal physician attesting that the President is showing signs of senility or some sort of dementia? Gee, shockingly enough, no one here has anything like that.

But how about “Trump wasn’t always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?”:

Because Trump wouldn’t allow a legitimate medical evaluation of himself to happen (which should include a full neurological workup), all we have is the opinions of trained experts watching his behavior. If Trump wants the rumors to end, he is free to undergo a legitimate medical evaluation from an objective medical team (not his doctor).

From what I recall of when Trump ran for president in 2000, he wasn’t as emotionally unstable or unable to control his emotions like now.

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The main advantage in having old Chump as president is the worthless piece of shit is much closer to death than young Chump would have been.

AND, as a variety of pundits have noted, that his incompetence tends to cancel out his malice, leaving him ineffective at actually accomplishing too terribly much of his evil intentions. (That latest EO knee-capping the ACA might be an exception, if it plays out that way.)

Well, if in an alternate 1994, a 48 year-old Trump had done the legwork and displaced George Pataki as the governor-elect of New York…
The point being that a younger Trump might have sought a lower office and built up the necessary skills and experience to be president, eventually.

Or at least a set of hangers-on that know how to balance the actual work of government with stroking Trump’s ego. Imagine if his “best people” were actually skilled and experienced, instead of Fox and Friends, mediocre real estate developers, and literal foreign agents.

I read Spy magazine back in the late 80s-early 90s and this was my first introduction to the short finger vulgarian.

It’s clear that his manifest personality and ethics issues were full blown back then.

If he is getting senile, if anything it might help since, as noted, it might help him be less able to really screw things up.

I was a health aide for 9 years and trump speak like my clients that had dementia .
He take his time to say a word and has to think a lot before saying words . There is something wrong with the guy brain !

That’s a left-wing source - it’s owned by the Boston Globe.

Let me just check: you’re not a doctor? You haven’t personally examined Trump? Come back when you have a verified medical opinion by a doctor who has examined Trump. Until then, it’s wishful thinking at best, and a fantastic example of the idiocy and nastiness of the Left. Trump doesn’t need your help.

Sorry OP. There isn’t a better Trump, that is an oxymoron. DJT or any of his progeny are not good for our country. But most people already know that, why are you supporting him"

The Trump we see today wouldn’t be capable of accomplishing the projects he completed in the 1970’s and 80’s. He doesn’t have the patience to work with people anymore. Seek out the best people and use them effectively. Trump had leadership and a vision when he was younger.

I agree he’s probably in early dementia. His speech patterns are different. He doesn’t seem to have the patience to work through problems and find solutions.

He was always a Type A personality with a massive ego. But these traits seem to completely overwhelm him now.

I was no fan of GHWB, but I’d have to agree with this. Trump has always been a narcissistic blowhard with laughably bad hair; he’s just older, grumpier and more set in his ways now.

You might notice that the forum you are in is IMHO.

And again, if Trump doesn’t have some cognitive problems he’s doing a pretty good job of mimicking them.

There was a recent incident (maybe several?) in which he had a collection of congresscritters or other Very Well-Dressed People around him while he sat at his Big Boss Desk to sign Yet Another Executive Order — and then, when all the speechifying and clapping was done, he forgot to sign it! One cite mentioned that as he got up to leave the room, Pence or someone tapped him on the shoulder to remind him to sign the thing.

Hang tight, I’ll see if I can come back with a cite. This was recently.

ETA: Here 'tis.

Mike Pence chases down Trump after he forgets to sign executive order. According to the cites I got from Google, there are even videos of this on YouTube.

One headline I saw said this is the third time this has happened.