Wouldn't that be great?

So like, you’re sitting on your back porch watching dragonflies wizz to and fro, and then more and more dragonflies come, and then more, and still more. And then a few of the dragonflies fly away, and the rest of the dragonflies all perch in a huge group, hundreds, thousands of dragonflies–blue, green, red, purple–all looking in the same direction. And then the few dragonflies that left come back, in formation, and fly very low turning in a unit barrel roll over the crowd of dragonflies who gasp and keep their compound eyes fixed on the flyover formation. And this goes on for a few minutes. And then four hummingbirds fly at the crowd from different directions, and just before they all collide, all the hummingbirds veer straight up and fly up, up, up until they are out of sight. And then a vulture, neck fully extended, glides in fast and low over the crowd and at the last minute tips backward and almost stops in mid-air directly over the dragonflies, and then recovers and flaps off…

wouldn’t that be great?


Remember, kids, Don’t Drink-and-Post, Just Say No…


The dragonflies, are they DF4Bs?

Inigo is soo strange and I enjoy it so much. It’s a feeling like, pity somebody has to be that way, but so long as one brain is taking it for us all, Jesus like, thank God it’s Inigo.

Ooh! What if you put a really big bug zapper RIGHT in the middle of all them dragonflies?

Yes! I’m with you, Inigo. I think that would be heaven. I have watched dragonflies, but not quite like that. No hummingbirds here :frowning: , substitute honeyeaters. For vultures, read wedgetailed eagles.

A life changing event was when I was a few months into curing arachnophpbia by studying spiders and watched a large garden orb weaver weave her web from start to finish on a tree near the front porch. 45 minutes it took her, and that turned the cure process to one of developing obsession. I am now obssessed by spiders.

Aren’t we lucky that we can get these pleasures when others seem to be denied them? Or Am I misunderstanding the comments? That wouldn’t surprise me. I often miss the point!

Oh, and kangaroos. I had to slow as I drove out this morning to let two cross the drive. I never tire of them. Extraordinarily beautiful animals. I live in heaven.


I like monkeys.

I like monkeys, but not apes. Apes really bug me.

You know who are really acrobatic flyers? Magpies.

And yes, that would totally be great.

Ok. So, no bugs. * poof *

So you’re sitting on your back porch, taking in the evening sun, sipping on your iced tea (sweet, of course), when you notice some odd movement in the enormous cottonwood trees in the back yard. It looks like monkeys, except they have way too many arms. Maybe they are spidermonkeys? Yes! They are spidermonkeys! And they are spinning webs of thick, fluffy silk and swinging and playing, and laughing and biting…and leaping 10 or 20 feet from web to web, and they’re playing follow the leader! And then you begin to hear some…music? Yes! Someone, a huge purple macaque, is playing a didgeridoo at the foot of a tree. It’s quite a rousing tune and the spidermonkeys are swinging in time, from web to branch to web to branch…and it’s sunset and the tea is very cold and good. And you wonder why there are so many monkeys in your back yard, but you don’t really mind. Wouldn’t THAT be great?

Oooo, oooo, unca inigo, do mine. I wanna hear about the fluffy lil kitties and the big ole monitor lizards. :slight_smile:

Inigo I think I live you. Yes, that would be great. (Both versions)

I love spiders. I’m jealous you have ord weavers there. The most exciting spider I’ve seen was a wolf spider with all her tiny babies piled on her back. (It was very cool)
I want to live in heaven. :frowning: Oh wait don’t you have like 20 extremely deadly species of various things that are in the cities there?

Cool. How you doin? :wink:

Excuse me, too much coffee for me. That was supposed to be…

Inigo, I think I love you.

I live you too. Get back to me when you’re sure about it one way or another. :slight_smile:

**Trying to think of something great about magpies, kittens and ulp monitor lizards. Maybe a live story? Hm…where did I put that bottle of medicine? **

I know I love him. Spider monkeys and digeridoos! What a wodnerful thing to read over breakfast on a dark winter morning. I’ll leave the clever stuff to him - and just answer straight.

We do have lots of terribly deadly things - but almost no-one ever dies of them. Within metres of where I am sitting, there will be red-back spiders and tiger snakes - with copperheads and red bellied black snakes not far away. But there are anti-venoms, although I never hear of people being bitten. You just don’t shove a hand in dark places or walk around on hot days in bare feet. And visiting Brits who stay here panic, which makes their visits much more fun!

Hope Inigo finds his medicine.


It would be better with fireflies.

Fireflies dancing on the lawn in the dusk like tiny magical people.
That was great.

Can we have baby dragons with sparklers at dusk?

Sugar plum faeries, mushrooms, alligators and hippos in pink ballet slippers.

I think we’re on to something here…

Disney already did that one…

Once, we were all sitting out on this giant lawn. I hadn’t been part of the upper crust much, but this was a war and we were at war, so I could sit endlessly on the lawn. Sipping cold drinks, laughing with cold generals, sweating under the cold sun. Slaves with croquet mallets stand around in white, all in white.

We were just sitting once, when those flies came, as you mentioned. They weren’t quite flies though, more like bombers. I think they were bombers. I picked some up and put them in my elephant gun case, to use for later. Maybe they were more like models of bombers, but none the less, they were cold and steel and biting at death.

Several flew in, in the most horrible olive drab imaginable. Then came the sparrows. Millions of sparrows came after them, from the four corners of the planet. Blacker than blacker, blacker than the general’s eyes as he looked off, far in the distance, looking for the bombers.

Then they, too, flew up towards heaven, clawing at the clouds. They flew up, up, up and over gravity, up like some skinny fist fighting one last good fight. Up, up, and out of this miserable existance.

Then came back the bombers. Spiraling, biting, pleasing the cold generals, reflecting the cold sun.

And so we sat for hours. Myself and the upper crusts, sipping our cold drinks, not mentioning the war.