Wow, $40K per month, what an opportunity!

As I’ve shared elsewhere, I just moved and am currently job hunting. As part of my search, I have listed my resume on the standard on-line job search sites, Monster, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder.

Here is one of the offers I just got…

I figure they must Really Want Me, because on the same day I alse recieved the exact same e-mail from both John Johnson and Bart Rucker at the same company, Void Comp. I also recieved a second e-mail (identical to the first) from Larry Luber but perhaps he forgot he’d already sent one to me.

Heck, they’re going to pay me up to $40,000 each month just to avoid the hassle and red tape involved with opening a bank account in every state? Wow, I knew banking regulations were out of hand, but that must be some massive red tape if it’s cheaper for them to shell out almost a half a million dollars a year to little ol’ me instead of paying for a bunch of high prices lawyers to find another way around it.

Gee, in one year I’ll be able to buy the house I want… with cash. And within 4 years or … or maybe 10… I’ll be able to retire to a lifestyle to which I hope to become accustomed. All for letting their customers customers send me checks which I then pass through my bank account and I write a smaller check to Void Comp.

Hrmm… Larry said up to $40K per month in commissions based on state. … so lets assume $25K is average times 48 states (Who knows if they are shipping their software outside the continental 48 states?) meaning they are expecting to pay out $1,400,000 in commissions every month, meaning $16,800,000 per year, and commissions are only 10% of the price, so they expect to do $168 million in software sales each year, just in the USA!

Holy Bologna Bat Man! I never knew that Latvia was such a center for software production! Man am I out of the loop. I wonder what their sales are worldwide?

… and the most amazing thing about their sales success? They manage to do it without Google turning up any hits for a company named Void Comp. They are completly off the net. Imagine that.

So Dopers, when I decide to retire in 4 … or 10 years… with my millions, who wants to take over my position as Void Comps partner for NC (I’ll give plenty of warning, so you can move to this state and open your own bank account if you need to). Bribes [del]accepted[/del] encouraged, esp. backrubs and brownies!

Hey, that’s a great deal! And if for a second you thought they were’nt legit, check out their faq:

There you have it! It’s verified by ALL the necessary documentation!

Hey, once you’re in, can you pass them my resume?

Wow. They even bothered to set up a website At least they’ve put in some work to their scam, unlike my Nigerian business partner Mbutu Nuinyape.

Why do such obviously legitimate businesses never offer me 40k? Sob

Can you report them to Career Builders or whoever?

Yeesh. And I wonder how many desperate people will fall for it?

Unfortunately, no, they can put whatever they want into the ad…and scam unsuspecting people into it. Also, many people will fall for this kind of thing… :frowning:

Check out the educational credentials of the founders of Void Computers at!

The higher Engineering-navigation college, named after the admiral Kornilov, Riga city

Now, if that doesn’t instill confidence in you, what will!? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is more disturbing, that the Latvian navy has either ships for navigating streams, or the possibility that they still have steamships?

From the FAQ on their site

Sweet! Remember that for when Uncle Sam asks where you got all the cash for that new house, boat, and lifestyle: "Sorry, but my income wasn’t reported to you, so I don’t have to pay taxes on it.

Wow. You can make $40K per month in commissions on checks that never exceed $5K. That means a minimum of 80 checks every month. They must have virtually every small business in the U.S. as their clients.

But you have nothing to worry about since Financial risks are insured by Insurance Company.

The best part is, you don’t have to deal with any big, stuffy banks. Just take the checks to your local check cashing store and have them make a Western Union draft while you wait. It doesn’t get any more quick ‘n’ easy than that.

Or that the Latvian Navy actually has a commercial department, whatever that may be.

Step 1 … Cash checks and don’t report it to the IRS.

Step 3 … Profit!

See? The process couldn’t be simpler! That’s it – I’m going for it. Won’t Mrs. Lacha be pleased? :dubious:

Of course, there was no Latvian Navy at all until 1991, when Latvia regained its independence.

I think you could make 40K per month with a minimum of 8 checks for 5K. You see how much more reasonable this sounds. Y’all ought to do something about the interstate banking red tape.

But the commission is only 10%, so it takes 80 checks.

Gotta be accurate here. I wouldn’t want anyone to think this is some kind of get rich quick scam.

What happens if something sounds like it’s too bad to be true?

Cyber Guru???

I’ll have you know Mbutu and I have been doing business for ten months now with no problems. Why, just yesterday he E-mailed me and said that I just have to send one more $5,000 cheque to get my $40 million payout. I’ve maxed out the Visa and the Mastercard and I’ll have to borrow it off my Grandma, but soon I’ll be in the money and laughing at all you poor “employees!”

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Even though it’s such a blatant and amateurish attempt, I’ve reported it to Netcraft (via their Firefox plugin).

I also enjoyed “Cyber Guru.” I’m thinking our corporate website needs a little update… :smiley: