Wow! A *good* customer service tale

So we’re going on a longish road trip, and I took my car to a chain oil-change place in advance of doing so. All fine, except they said “Your brake fluid is low. Better take it to a brake specialist and have them make sure there’s no leak or anything, and then top it off”. Oops! Brake repairs are one of those things I do not mess around with (and in fact I had brake work on the car just 5 months ago).

No time before the trip to get it to the dealership who did the brake work. No time to take it anywhere, really. But I happened to have about an hour to kill this morning, and there happened to be a Midas Muffler and Brake shop about 5 minutes away.

Not only did they agree to take a quick look at it right away (I told them if real repairs were needed we’d have to bring it the next day)… 30 minutes later they called me and said “It’s fine - the fluid was just low”. So I went back to settle up. They had topped off the fluid.

And they REFUSED TO CHARGE ME A PENNY. So I’ll fix 'em, - I’ll tell EVERYONE. :slight_smile:

You should write a letter to their corporate office if you really want them to be rewarded for their good deed.

I once wrote a letter to a corporate office about a great experience I had with the manager, and how pleased I was with the experience. The next time I went into that business, the manager came over to thank me for the letter. Corporate had passed on the praise and she got some kind of a commendation in her employee file.

Businesses don’t hear often enough from happy customers. Everyone writes in to bitch, but few people take the time to write about something good.

As a person who has been given seveal lauding e-mails from customers, I can tell you that it really brightens your day, and it makes your boss happy, too.

Take the time to write to them. Return the favor, so to speak.

A mini-good customer service story. Today was the Opening of the Gates of Hell[sup]TM[/sup] at work, just a madhouse and a really, really difficult day. Anyway, I ordered some calzones from a local place and had them delivered to the clinic so I could just go straight home from there with dinner. I’ve never ordered from this place before, but heard great things about them.
Pizza guy comes in to the front desk with dinner. We had this exchange:
Me: My hero!
PG: Actually, they’re calzones.
Me: You are SO getting a huge tip :smiley:

Really fast delivery, great food, and a quick-with-a-pun delivery guy, absolutely made my day :wink: