WOW! Check out Tibet!

Very scenic. Wish I could afford to travel.

Click Here.

Add cool pics, if you got 'em.

Tibet is simply awesome. I haven’t been for over 10 years now, but many many trips for about 8 months total.

you need to check a different site though, that one is a couple years out of date. The visa thing is not a problem as you can “join” a “tour” group for a small amount of money and voila everything is solved

China Guy, are you Chinese? How did you manage so many trips to such a cool, yet secluded place? I wish I was you!

I’m not Chinese, just white bread no crust American. I spent about 4 years after college bumming around, teaching english, translating, writing a guidebook to China, and spending 6-12 months a year on the road in China and Tibet. Of course, that was quite a long time ago.

A really good friend of mine went to Tibet last year but sadly the only series of pictures he sent started with him chopping the head off of a goat, proceeded to him holding the head up and kissing it, and ended with a native Tibetan carrying various pieces of the goat in a large bowl.

Not that there’s anything wrong with “When in Rome . . .” but I wanted to see some scenery damnit!