WoW E-mail Question?

Can I get normal e-mail in my WoW mailbox? If so, what would I need to do in order to transfer from say, yahoo, to WoW?



Not that I’m aware of, no.

Cute idea, but it is an in game function between characters only … and only on that server, and in your alliance[no sending something from a troll to a human, or from elune server to cenarius server…

Yeah, I kinda thought that is the way it is. I DO get notification of e-mails while I’m playing, however, so I can at least log off and go and answer them, but I can see where it might be a headache to try to find your toon a place to sit where he won’t be attacked while you answer e-mails within the game.



I now play eve online, I got disgusted with the guild drama going on … they have an in game browser so you can go check certain websites while staying in game …

wait - you can play wow in windowed mode, cant you? then it is simply a matter of popping out long enough to look at a screen real quick, you can do that pretty much anytime you are in travel mode, or even in a reasonably safe area in game. It isnt like every second of the game you are in danger of being killed unless you actually play that annoying stupid PVP server crap. I actually have played with a second monitor up with the quest info from allakhazams up. If you can use a secondary monitor, put your email program up on the second monitor, and you can still watch the game and read your email=)

From what I know of the WoW API, you could probably theoretically make an addon, but WoW really, REALLY doesn’t play nice with programs that send data to third party sites or alters any data in the WoW folder during gameplay (all those mods that send character info, for instance, do it on exit). And by “doesn’t play nice” I mean “have a nice chat with the kind GM dear.” So nope, ain’t gonna happen unless Blizzard accidentally “trips” and removes the warden program.

You don’t even need to play in windowed mode, you can alt+tab to a browser.

QFT. I almost always alt-tab out during long flights to read the SDMB or to check email.


PVE or RP servers. I don’t do PVP.

I think Max was making a little flights/fights joke.

Oops! I haven’t played a pally in a while. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of an old (pre-Burning-Crusade) joke:

How many Horde does it take to kill a paladin?

Two. One to make the initial attack and one to wait at the inn in Ironforge…

Good one :).

What I meant was how paladins have often complained that it takes them a very long time to kill anything and that they don’t have much to do. Many joke about hitting auto-attack and then tabbing out to browse the web. One paladin friend of mine says he plays his guitar while tanking 5mans.