Wow, I finally found something that makes me feel slightly useful

Okay, this is small. Very small. And it doesn’t even help a true victim. But psychologically, the opportunity to help another person has made an amazing difference in my outlook this morning.

My dorky little gesture? Well, another parent on my regional parenting list just posted a message about car vcr units. They were supposed to fly somewhere this weekend with their 3-year old and obviously those plans had to change. They were asking if anyone knew where to rent or buy one and how they worked, because they suddenly had a 12-hour trip to take with a toddler.

Well, we have one. I’ve never met this person, but I told her she should take ours on the trip. We’re planning to meet tomorrow to hand it over.

I apologize for a self-congratultory thread, but I had to post about it because I didn’t realize how hungry I was to feel useful until this happened. My recipe for feeling better is to do something good to your fellow man if you can, even if you can’t give blood yet or do much to help with these specific disasters.

I know how you feel, Cranky. What you did may not matter in the big picture, but I feel that anything you do that reaches out to another human being during this crisis is cause for celebration.

The company I work for is going to be conduction a poll this weekend for Colin Powell. A good friend of mine works for a company that has been providing wireless modems to the NYPD. It’s nice to be able to do something, no matter how small.