Wow - I really blew it (school related)

I just blew a math exam. I mean BLEW. Not “aw, I didn’t get 100%”, but “man, you mean they make numbers this small?”. The worst of it is that it’s in my easy class which I hadn’t been taking seriously. I don’t even care so much about the grade - although that kinda sucks too (especially since it’s worth about half of my course grade). I just hate that the professor, a cool guy who I have a lot of respect for, must see me as some sort of moron. I made a couple of dumb mistakes, and I miscopied a couple of things from my scratch work to the actual exam, and there were other things where I don’t think I deserved to get the points taken off, but…jebus, I just came off as a moron.

I guess I’ll go to his office and explain that, no, I’m not really this stupid, but this was my 6th exam in a week and a half, and I guess my brain just went on break without me. It’s not an excuse, and I’m not hoping to get the grade bumped up, I just want some self-esteem back.

Thanks for listening to me whine. This just feels like some kind of nightmare and I can’t make myself wake up.

Wow, can I get in here with my own school related whine?

I blew a midterm last week in Linguistics. . . a midterm where we were allowed to use one page of notes. A midterm where we were given a study guide to copy the notes from. So, I did all that, and I don’t know where that test came from. I’m not sure if the TA pulled it out of her ass or what, but it wasn’t anything like the study guide.

I missed my favorite class this morning due to an accident with my cat. I had to take her to the vet, that’s where she’s still at. I have Linguistics this afternoon, which makes me want to find the nearest meat grinder and shove my head in. I’ve got seven papers due Thursday for Psych, (not too bad because they’re small ‘report’ dealies,) and one paper due Friday to my advisor about what I want to major in – which I still do not know.

Yes, I can dig that ‘nightmare’ thing and not being able to wake up. Good luck with things, UWmite. It’s got to get better! (Four weeks until the end of the quarter, that’s what I keep telling myself.)

My advice: try to move past it. Just do really well on the final. If you do, the professor will see you as someone who just muffed one test, but who basically knows his/her stuff. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter what you tell him about the midterm.

It might help if your professor knows you. A dozen monkeys throwing feces couldn’t have screwed up my third semester Greek final worse than I did. I came out of it in a complete daze, wondering if I had ever even gone to class.

But I knew the professor and had done well on the weekly quizzes and the midterm. I almost wet myself when I saw my final grade. He must have thrown out the final exam entirely.

What they all said. One screwup can easily be overlooked, just don’t do it again.

[fellow UW student moment] Hey, are you in Math 095? I had a similar experience with the math placement test when I transferred here. Only answered 8 questions, because everything else was stuff I’d either never seen or slept through in high school.

Soooo I gotta sit through Math 095 next semester. :frowning:

Thanks for all the support folks. I talked to the professor (who I sorta know) and told him that, despite all outward apperances, I’m not a raging idiot. He was quite cool, and offered to let me retake the exam. Not to change my grade, but just to prove that I do know what I’m doing. A very fair arrangement, I think. I still feel really crummy, but at least I don’t want to commit seppuku with a frisbee anymore.

A dozen monkeys throwing feces, eh? Gotta remember that one.

Oh, and Daowajan, it’s not 095. It’s a 400 level class (and I’m too ashamed to give out the number lest someone know my deep dark secret). I’m a math major, and I’ve done much better in classes that are a lot tougher than this one. That’s why this is such a blow. Good luck with 095 though. I know what it’s like to get screwed over by poor high school preparation.

It happens every once in a while. You have a test on an off-day, and you’re screwed. Since it’s a higher-level class, there’s a good chance the professor will not notice that grade so much.

And just for the curiosity of your fellow mathematicians, what’s the subject matter?

Well, this will reveal my terrible secret to any other uw math majors around here, but oh well. It’s geometry. Straight-up, Euclidean geometry. This was supposed to be my easy fun class this semester, to balance my topology and complex analysis, among others. Guess it’s time to take the nice easy class bit more seriously.

Don’t let it get to you. when I was a student, I had a digital electronics class. It was part of the core Engineering curriculum (sorry , I’m an engineer and I can’t spell) amd, along with circuits, was used to turn engineering students into business majors. Grade profile: 25% 1st exam, 25% 2nd exam, 50% final. Failed the first two tests miserably, but couldn’t drop the class. Therefore, the only answer was to bust my ass the night before the final. Got a 100% and a “C” in the class. I’m now a mechanical/materials engineer. Just writing this, I still get that wonderful evacuating feeling one gets when something huge leaves teh anal cavity.

Heh, geometry. It’s cool that the professor’s cutting you slack. Besides, it’s not like a potential employer will sift through your file and say “Well, UWmite once got a bad grade on a test, we can’t hire her.”

Tangentially, here’s my dirty little secret: I have not passed a math class since I was 11 years old. Even with daily tutoring in a couple of classes. The best I ever did was a low C-, and that was in the high school class where my classmates regularly ate stuff off the floor and we only had one homework assignment a month. (Yeah, I’m kind of amazed I’m in college too.)

So I’m scared as hell about 095, especially since I finally have a GPA that’s high enough to be wrecked.

Bah, I should start my own bitching thread.

I bet most of us (as well as your teachers) have gone through those kind of horror stories, UWmite, and we feel for you. But to show you it’s not the end of the world, here’s my story:

The class was an undergraduate physiological psych class, taught by my advisor. I did well enough on the first exam, but when I sat down to take the second, nothing came out of my noggin. I mean nothing. I couldn’t remember my own name. Seriously, I stared at the “Name:______” for 5 minutes. Eventually I wrote down garbage and I ended up with a sympathy D on the test. Not good for for someone studying animal behavior. Not the best performance to show someone from whom I needed a letter of recommendation. :o


Well, I got through the class, got through my undergraduate and graduate days, and got my Ph.D.

And then there was the time I got a D in a 5 unit chemistry class…:eek: :slight_smile: You’ll survive!

Eh. Euclidean geometry’s not as easy as people think it is. But I love it.

Complex analysis, on the other hand…


I just got a 48 percent in a math test.

It turns out I was writing X1-X2+Y1-Y2, and it turns out its supposed to be X2-X1+Y2-Y1.

I hate math.