WOW I-tunes & AVG Warning!

Friends AVG is calling i-tunes files trojan horse infections and is not allowing I-tunes to run. I hope a fix is in progress, anybody else with this problem?

Never heard of it but ditch AVG like yesterday’s news and get Avast instead. Far less intrusive and equally (if not more) effective.

Second this. Used AVG for years and hated it. Got Avast and have been happy ever since.

I’ve even come to welcome that “Virus database has been updated” message…even if it scares the shit out of me on the off chance I leave my speakers on!

It’s so much better than AVG. AVG is constantly requesting your permission for updates, intrudes on your web browsing, wants to install toolbars, etc. Forget that POS. Get Avast along with the free version of Malwarebytes. You won’t look back until a better free combo comes along.

AVG is the ZoneAlarm of AV suites

See, this is what frustrates old people about technology----we can’t keep up. I’ve had AVG for two or three years and I thought it was about as good as good gets. Now you guys are telling me I’m lucky my computer hasn’t burned to ashes.

Why is Avast so much better?

I have used AVG for years and my installation does none of those things. What am I doing wrong that makes it work so well?

AVG isn’t terrible, it’s just annoying. Avast offers the same protection without the constant prompting to update itself.

It also wants to install a toolbar, which to me is a dealbreaker.

Here’s a review:
It’s up to you to decide. I think Avast is the same as AVG in terms of protection without the annoyance of constant restarts/updates.


Yeah, but I and (apparently) JKilez aren’t being subjected to requests for updates, toolbar installations, etc., etc. Is there a reason we seem to be trouble free while others are not? For what its worth, I’m running Firefox and Windows XP.

I use AVG and have never been asked to update or install a toolbar. In fact it does nothing intrusive at all.

Agreed. All updates are done silently in the backgroud, and while there might be an option to install a toolbar during the initial install (checked by default, IIRC), unchecking that brings up no more prompts. I’ve used AVG for several years now, and it’s always behaved itself.

Another vote for AVG, and more on topic, it does not conflict with iTunes at all on my PC.

I heard about this earlier today, apparently many people are experiencing this. You might want to try updating AVG.

AVG used to be the recommended Anti Virus, to counter the bloated mess of such suites as Norton’s.

Then AVG v8 came out, and it was horrible; just as bloated as that which it used to favourably compete with.

Now the one to use is Avast. Expect it to get bloated and annoying one day, hopefully not too soon, when it will then be time to change again to whatever’s coming up behind.

According to the AVG forums, the problem has been corrected. Just update your virus definitions.

I have used AVG for years as well, and never once has any of these things occurred.


The only times I am reminded of having AVG is if I wake up and try to use the computer around 4am and see the little icon on the menu bar while it scans quietly in the background.

Just so you know, that can be turned off.

Right click the icon in the system tray and select ‘Program Settings’. You’ll see a ‘Sounds’ option on the left. Click that and you’ll see a checkbox that allows you to disable avast! sounds.

I have used AVG too with no problems, do you all use the link scanner with AVG? That was the only problem I had with it, it was scanning every link on every webpage. I disabled the link scanner and it was fine.

Word. I’m even using the dreaded v8.x that everyone’s complaining about. I’ve never been prompted to install anything, including updates. It all happens automatically.