Wow... life (in need of some mundane internet hugs)

The last two months have been a complete whirlwind of life, and I’m in a brief breathing point, so I’m feeling maudlin and… well…

So, on Dec 31, I made a silly mistake and didn’t double check my phone when coming in from break. I hadn’t properly shut it off, and received a text message in the work area. This is a no-tolerance policy, and I was terminated as of Jan 2. I had been a supervisor for 3 years, and was in line to get a promotion as soon as one opened up. Dumb, and a loss for both them and me.

My unemployment claim was denied because I “knowingly violated a policy”

In late January, my grandmother had a major fall… she had a “cardiac event” and hit her back when falling, bruising several vertebrae. It took several hours for help to arrive. She was in the hospital for about 10 days.

In the midst of this, my ex finally filed for divorce (we separated in April, broke up for good in July; I’ve been asking him to file since then, since he has legal insurance at work, and we are on good terms. He’s… lazy.).

With the help of my mother and her sister, we decided the best course of action would be to put my house up for sale, and me to move in to my grandmother’s house (a 2.5 hour drive away from where I’m living now) while I figure out what’s going on with my life, figure out going back to school (I’m seriously considering going back for a Second-Degree Nursing), and moving my grandmother.

This weekend, several family members moved my grandmother’s stuff to her new Independent Living apartment, in anticipating of her getting released from the nursing/rehab facility she’s in now (she was released from the hospital on condition of 2-per-day sessions of physical therapy for her back, the nursing facility isn’t quite ready to release her home.).

So… life… wow… lots of life. Moving has a lot of anxiety to it, not so much the actual move (although there’s a lot with that), but moving away from several important friends in this area, people who I had plans to raise my future kids with, and people who’s kids I had planned on taking on their first camping trip. Figuring out what’s going on with my life is scary, and the divorce finally happening is terrifying. Not having a totally secure living situation is scary, and the idea of living with my dad is even scarier.

All that being said, though… I went to get checked for a sinus thing the other day, and my blood pressure is lower than it’s been in years. My depression feels… ok. Not perfect, but, ok. My unemployment appeal was last week and I haven’t gotten the word yet, but my former company didn’t appear at the hearing. And… I feel like there’s a light in the tunnel. I don’t quite know how to get there yet, but… it’s there, somewhere.

So… This is a transparent plea for some internet hugs. Life is so… ugh, life right now, and I need some reassurance from some folks who have been there that it gets better.

ALL the internet hugs to you!!! And some chocolate!!!

I like you Sehmket. You are a survivalist!
In my years I have noticed that doors close. And you feel it is the end. But always, Always another opens. And it is so much better! Be patient. Another door is opening for you.

Hang in there… (sigh) life happens…

I’ve been through one divorce and it was hell, but over 10 years later I’ve been happily married to my best friend. My ex, she too found a great guy. Life does get better, and when it does it gives us reason to be grateful and remember the awful times in our past. Sehmket, this, too shall pass.

Am tossing good thoughts and hugs across the miles to you, to help you get past life’s current challenges. Hang in there! Take it a day at a time. Take care of yourself and treat yourself well.

Here’s hugs and warming sun rays from downunder Sehmket. I’d send chocolate too, but it’d melt in this weather…so I’m going to eat it on your behalf and smile a chocolatey smile in your direction too.

Seriously, you’ve been through the wringer, but you’ve got 'tude girl. All the best!

Oh, and your previous employ sounds like hell. There’s zero tolerance, and there’s fuckwittery…you’re best out of there.


Thank you all for your warm wishes - I got my letter from the unemployment office today, and they found in my favor! I feel like I can exhale a breath I’ve been holding for a long time.

Sorry about your troubles, but glad you get unemployment! Hugs to you.

Huzzah! \o/
Now, get thee to school, become a nurse, get a job and get your life kickstarted again.

Best Wishes!

Unemployment is a scam as no company ever seems to pay it. Don’t ever mention that you might be able to have grounds to collect as the manager will do an about-face and say
“Oh, wait, that’s not what I meant. But that reminds me… we haven’t done a review of your work performance in a while and I’m free after lunch. Stop by my desk then.” :dubious:

Seriously though, a lot of places are reaching out and hiring now. You can do this. Good Luck!



As in someone that hoards guns, ammo, food, water and various other supplies out of an irrational fear and expectation of the coming zombie apocalypse?

So one incoming text message got you fired? How did they know?

And why do they even allow cell phones in the building?

Wow! that’s harsh for getting a text at work.

Sending you cyber-hugs, good wishes for your move and good luck in school.

Hope your Grandmother is doing better.

Hugs to you, and best of luck!

If you don’t mind my asking, what sort of job (in a general sense, if you don’t want to be too specific) fires you for getting one errant text message while at work? That seems really harsh to me too.

Hugs to you! That’s a lot of stuff at once. I don’t have any good advice. Just more {{hugs}}.

I’m glad you won your appeal.

Many retail environments enforce this kind of policy.

So do call centers. If they see or hear your phone on the call floor where I work, you are out the door. ( This is to prevent the agents from taking screenshots of private information.)


To answer the earlier question, yes, it was a call center.

So, on top of all that… my OTHER grandmother had a diabetic episode earlier today… she’s been taken to the hospital, and her prognosis is not good. Today is also the 9th anniversary of loosing an uncle suddenly on that side of the family. They are trying to keep her alive until my aunts can get there.

Wow. Life. Sometimes, it just… doesn’t stop.

{{{{{hugs}}}} I will see if the bunny has any to spare for you later. Bunny hugs are the best

I hope things start looking up for you soon. Hell, being a nurse is much better than working in a call center, right? So you’re already on the road to recovery! Poor grandmas, though- I hope their situations work out for the best, too.