WOW Reign of Chaos question.

First, I know nothing about WOW or any of it’s offshoots. I tried going through the website for the Reign of Chaos game but found nothing to help me. I was given the Reign of Chaos game by a friend, he said he didn’t have the time for this and his other WOW stuff. I recently found the game and listed it on eBay. It sold for very little, I expected this because it was just the CD in a jewel case, there was no instructions or box. I shipped the game and figured all was good. This morning i received a message from the buyer. He is claiming what I sent him was an expansion pack, not the game. Some checking online found the only expansion pack for Reign of Chaos was called The Frozen Throne.

My question to those that may know, it is possible that I sent an expansion pack and not the game itself. The case and CD both have the green guy with the ring through his nose. It this guy trying to pull a fast one or is there an expansion pack out there, I can find nothing supporting the buyer’s claim. Any help would be appreciated.

First, you are a bit confused. World of Warcraft is an online, multiple player game. Warcraft is a stand alone computer game. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is the last issued stand alone game (with some multi player capabilities). Frozen Throne was an expansion pack for Warcraft III. So WoW <> Warcraft (both are from Blizzard Entertainment, and WoW does incorporate facets of Warcraft, including much of the storyline.

That said, I don’t have any idea what you really had and sent the guy. What did it say/does it say on the disks? Is it possible that what your friend gave you did not match the box it was in?


Let’s shoot this over to The Game Room. You’ll get lots of attention there.



That’s the ‘Orc’ case for Reign of Chaos to be sure. The X pack has Arthas with ice on his face.

The green guy (an Orc) is most definitely Reign of Chaos, not the expansion pack which has a pale white human* with a malevolent smile on his face.

*Yeah, yeah, I know fellow Warcraft fans he’s “undead.” A statement I somewhat disagree with anyway, due to the fact he never actually, uh, died, he just lost his soul. I was using human for the sake of description.