World of Warcraft for Beginners

If I purchase a Wow CD-ROM at my favorite retailer, is there a certain title I should be looking for to get started? Or will any of the expansion packs get me started?

First off, you probably shouldn’t do this: Don’t go to a retailer. Go to and buy the game there. You can also just create a free account for a 10-day trial. The reaosn you shouldn’t buy a disc is because it’s pointless.

You need World of Warcraft (the basic, original software) to play, but any disc you buy will be more or less useless now. There are constant patches and updates. You will in practice be downloading the thing almost entirely from the server anyhow, so you may as well go straight to the source from the beginning. They do offer combo pack discounts online last I checked, but the latest expansion seems to be, if not full price), then not included.

You need the basic software to play, and then the two expansions to get to the 60-69 levelling areas and the 70-80 levelling areas. However, particuarly with the new features like Random Dungeon Finder, you can a LOT of fun out of the game.

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