that's what "shatter" means...

Ummmm…ok, I’m stupid.

I put an oven dish into the sink, and put cold water onto it. I wasn’t thinking.
But hey! It waited until my back was turned before exploding!!
Anyway, I’m amazed that one piece of fired clay can disintegrate into so many shards. Some of them flew two feet. I’m kind of glad that I was the other side of the room…

If its good enough to kill a Xenomorph, it is good enough too kill you!

Thermodynamics is no laughing matter kids, be carefull out there.

Once, I witnessed my parents try to make some boxed stove-top dinner using a non-ovensafe dish as a pan. Not only was there glass all over the kitchen (fortunately, the dish broke into little safety-glass type pieces), but meat and noodles, too. I think we ended up getting fast food that night.

I do this all the time, what am i missing?

SlickRoenick, the oven dish was hot at the time. Extremely hot glass/Pyrex/ceramicware + extremely cold water = BANG.