Wow... that Kennedys film not shown on the History channel

Is now shown on Netflix, and it’s really pretty good so far (starting episode 3).

Barry Pepper does a great job as RFK. Likewise, Greg Kinnear does a great JFK.

So the History Channel cancelled this why exactly? So far it’s a great film.

It was dropped because it supposedly didn’t “fit the History brand.” There was a discussion thread at the time.

History Channel Kills New kennedy Bio-Censorship?

It was eventually shown on the Reelz Channel. I watched it and thought it was pretty good. Greg Kinnear did a fine job as JFK and Katie Holmes was a pleasant surprise as Jackie. Comcast showed the entire series On Demand a couple of months back.

Under pressure from Caroline Kennedy who promised them access to heretofore unreleased home movies of her Mom, in exchange.

Though they claimed they were at odds with it’s accuracy. Yet they regularly screen ‘The Da Vinci Code!’ Go figure.

It occurred to me while watching that I’d never actually heard Jackie Kennedy’s voice. For some reason, I’d assumed she had a slightly French accent. When Holmes started talking all Bostony, I thought “that’s what Jackie Kennedy sounded like?!” The only previous portrayal I remember was Jaclyn Smith’s, way back, and Smith sounded like royalty compared to Holmes, though I’ve no idea which actress, if either, was more accurate.

I haven’t watched the series yet, but I don’t recall Jacqueline Kennedy as sounding all that “Bostonian.”

Listen for yourself.

Yeah, the one clip I’ve seen of the mini-series is Holmes’s “Ya daddy just saved the woyld” to Caroline. Uh… no. Don’t know if that atrocious accent was something she decided for herself, or if the direction was to speak that way, or if Holmes had been watching Barrymore in Grey Gardens the week before shooting and picked it up there. But it was pretty awful.

Does he say the same line he had from TRUE GRIT: “Rooster, I am shot to pieces…”.

By the way, Jaclyn Smith’s portrayal was in a TV movie called Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy way back in 1981. Now I feel kinda old.

Not enough aliens, ax men or Nostradamus, I’m assuming?