Wow, that's a great cover of that song

This version of the Beastie Boys So What’cha Want is raunchy and funky like a dirty laundry pile:

As I noted in the Youtube comment, I think Gnarles Barkley’s version of Crazy is the cover:

I have no use for Huey Lewis but this version of New Drug is hypnotic:

Yes, like the New Drug cover.

Like that the three Victoria’s Secret models appear over the shoulders of the girls singing.

Here’s a take on an old Sinatra tune.

“East Bound and Down”

“Down on the Corner”

Enjoyed! Thanks.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Bonnie Tyler cover by Allie Sherlock

Killing Me Softly, cover by Allie Sherlock

Buskers play Crossroads (Cream-Eric Clapton).

This so much. K.D. Lang’s version of “Hallelujah” is far and away the best version ever (and I love the original).

God help us all, but here’s Miley Cyrus rocking the fuck out of “Zombie”:

Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright has been covered by over a dozen artists. That says a lot about the quality of the song. It can be interpreted in many ways.

I think Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s version is exceptional. It was recorded about five years ago. Their voices are old and raspy, but that adds a lot to this gem of a song.

Waylon has a more raw, angry version of the song. Willie’s was more reflective. I like both versions.

Thanks! Always liked the original and that’s a great cover!

Here’s a cover, she’s done a lot of them. Besides…

" There are two types of people in the world; those who love Emmylou and those who have never met her " - Willie Nelson

Oh thank you very much, peccavi, for this clip. Emmylou is even more angelic in this than usually, and I like her little baby fat :smile:. Was this from before or after she hooked up with Gram Parsons? The story I know (admittedly only very sketchy) is that Gram pushed her from folk to country, so I’m surprised that she sang a country song (though Dylan is always suitable and transcends the boundaries between genres anyway) on TV solo in 1972.

Correction: I just see that the clip is even from 1970, I don’t think she had met Gram yet.

Holy crap. What was she, like 14?

Nothing derogatory meant by that – I’ve been a fan for more than forty years – but she looks like a child.

I did a quick check of Wikipedia. By the time of this video, she had married, had a baby, and released her first album.

This one’s also a cover (of the Everly Brothers)…

When Someone Requests a Jimi Hendrix Song