Wow, that's a great cover of that song

Wayfaring Stranger - Stacy Grubb singing, with her father accompanying.

YT says it’s a cover, never heard the original but great solo at 2:26-ish.

Nice, thanks!

Well the one girl is carrying the others but that’s OK.

Thanks, enjoyed that!

Blind Faith Cover by Rachael Price:

Nice, Thanks!

Time After Time

Lola by Lake Street Dive

Not quite sure what to make of this Hall & Oates cover:

Me either…

Have you seen them doing “Rich Girl”?

Bridget Kearney on bass just kills it. And Mike Calabrese on drums is unbelievable. He’s playing polyrhythms on his kit one handed and tambourine with his free hand.

Then if it’s Rachel Price you want, this is jaw dropping. Every time I listen I don’t know whether to cry or just sit open mouthed like a stunned fish:

BOC cover.

Stuck In The Middle With You

Good stuff! Thanks.

Vampire Weekend covering Dylan’s “Jokerman”:

Dublin buskers, 4/19/21

Eddie Cochran wrote and sang Come On Everybody in 1958

Humble Pie released a great cover of it

And these kids, the Rockit Academy, released a cover of Humble Pie’s version. text

My favorite from Postmodern Jukebox, Seven Nation Army:


Love when those crazy kids from O’Keefe cover a rocker from back in the day. Garage rock!