Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal

I’m wanting to get a tattoo removed :smack:, and I already know about laser removal BUT I’m wanting to check out all my options before settling on one.

I’ve read about Wrecking Balm and was wondering if anyone has used it or knows anyone that’s used it and if it actually works, or is it a total scam? I’ve looked at so many reviews and before / after pictures and I’ve had no clear answer. It seems to work for some but not so much for others… Is there a rule?

Also, if there are any other tattoo removal procedures that work I’m open to ideas :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s any way that Wrecking Balm will work to get rid of a professionally-done tattoo. It’s basically dermabrasion, but unless you have an amateur tattoo that is REALLY shallow in the skin, the ink is way too deep in the skin for something like this to work. At best, it’s going to make your tattoo look worse. I wouldn’t waste my money even trying it.

Live with a tattoo, get a cover-up tattoo, or pay to get it lasered. Anything else is a waste of money IMO.

Aside from lasering, there’s no scar-free removal of tats from the dermis, seeing as you have to go through the entire epidermis and a third of the dermis to get all the ink.

Thanks for your replies guys!
I had a chat with my tattooist anyway, and he said he can cover up my current one :slight_smile: