Wright Brothers anniversary next year

On December 17th, 1903, at Kittyhawk in Nth Carolina, two brothers made the first* powered flight in recorded history and changed the world.

In just under a year from now, it will be 100 years exactly since that achievement - so is there going to be any celebration of this in any grand and exciting way? Or will the centenary pass rather insignificantly?

It’s amazing to think that only 100 years has passed, and so much progress in flight technologies have advanced since then - achievements and ‘miracles’ never dreamed of are now daily occurrences, and all developed basically within a few decades of the Wright Brothers’ achievements. Amazing!

I hope there’ll be some excellent documentaries made, maybe even a feature film, in recognition of the centenary.

*Technically, Richard Pearse did it first in New Zealand, many many months before, but even he acknowledged he didn’t set the world alight with possibility, and so figured it didn’t really count

Just thought I’d add a link regarding Richard Pearse, GuanoLad, just in case the rest of the locals ask, “Who the heck was that??” :slight_smile:

Here in America, there are several whoop-de-doos being planned, including the flight of at least one replica of the original Wright Flyer (if they can find someone who can fly it without crashing - simulator training has not been going well, which could explain the short length of the initial flights in 1903).

Those in aviation will be marking the anniversary - whether anyone else cares, I don’t know.

State commission, around for the past five years (I applied for a job with them when I first moved here), planning a major celebration.

Quasi-public foundation affiliated with the Commission, managing the moneys for the celebration.

Federal Government commission to commemorate the centenary, and the site map of their site

What Dayton’s doing

Commemorative merchandise

The National Park Service first flight homepage, with links to a variety of other sites participating in the commemoration.

Actually, we in Ohio have devised a sekrit plan…

We have discovered a fault line which extends thru much of NC. At a pre-determined time, the entire population of Ohio will jump into the air in a remote spot known only to a few. The resulting thud will cause NC to break away from the mainland and drift out to sea.

The celebration will be ours I tell you. Ours!.

Well then, that sounds pretty cool! I bet there’ll just be some pokey article on the local news here.

Akron, huh, sam? Can’t you just wait until 2019 and celebrate the launch of the airship Shenandoah?

Actually, the Shenandoah really isn’t an Akron vehicle. We only made parts for her.

This in no way deflects the usurpation of the rightful claim of Ohio to the Wright Brothers.

There is a small amount of irony in the Richard Pearse story:

While admittedly lacking the definitions of “controlled flight,” for the first time in possibly millions of years–a “kiwi” became airborne.

I presume there will be all sorts of cool things at AirVenture (aka EAA aka Oshkosh) I hope to make it, tho my source of free tickets will probably not be able to get them this year.

I might take the 17th off and go flying myself.

Brian (PP-ASEL)

I always found it phenomenal there was such a short period of time between the Wright Bros and man on the moon. Only 66 years!!! Some people who saw the moon landing actually grew up thinking man would never fly! Incredible.

Unless we get warp drive in my lifetime, I can’t even imagine such an incredible jump.