Write Homer's resume.

I’m updating my own resume, and I just realized I missed the early Simpsons on Fox. Damn! So I started thinking about the scary parallels between Homer and me. Job titles aren’t among them, I realized as I thought about Homer’s work history. I know I’m missing some here – please help me out.

Nuclear safety technician – Do I have this word-for-word correct? And what was he before his promotion?
Quickie Mart clerk – Was he ever a Krusty Burger clerk?
*The Chosen One *of the Stone Cutters
Executive Secretary – while Smithers was vacationing
Submarine Captain
Conceptual artist
Fish gutter
Vocalist – in a barbershop quartet
Krusty the Clown lookalike
Sideshow freak
food critic
Y2K compliance officer

I’m trying to limit this to things he was actually paid to do, or work he did to pay off a debt. I don’t know if he drew a salary as the Chosen One, but since he had an underground organization at his beck and call, I’m gonna count it. And you have to figure they paid for travel and lodging for Homer to be an astronaut. But I haven’t included things like when he appointed himself community safety activist, or when he was “Bigfoot”.

What was his title:
[li]when her was promoted as Max Power?[/li][li]when he worked for Robert Scorpio?[/li][li]when he took over the Springfield Sanitation Dept.?[/li]

I found this list off a quick google search;

From here

I wonder if there are more? I remember in one episode he listed all the previous jobs he’s held.

The only thing I didn’t see in that list (unless I skimmed past it) was Daycare Provider.

Would inventor count?

And yes, he did once work at Krustyburger. It was during the episode that talked about the early part of their marriage.