Writer, director - double pay?

While watching “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” I got to wondering.

Kevin Smith is the director, writer, editor and an actor in the movie.

Does he get paid for each job? (x amount to direct; x amount to act; x amount for being the writer) Or does he just get one big paycheck?

I’m sure the Director’s Guild and the WGAw both insist that there be separate payments.

As for how it’s paid, it would depend on his contract, but I would guess that usually the fees are spelled out in a single document, which specifies how much for each and what the payment schedule is.

Even if he’s not part of the union (knowing Smith, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t), it’s a good thing to set precedents, in case another film comes along that he writes but doesn’t direct, or vice versa, you still have some frame of reference of what his past pay rates were.