Peter Jackson: highest paid director?

Supposedly, he was paid 10 million for the LOTR trilogy (each film) and 5% of the gross of each film which makes 175.5 million. Is this right?

Then for King Kong he’s getting paid “$20,000,000 + 20% of the gross (to be shared with co-writer/producer Fran Walsh & co-writer Philippa Boyens),” which now makes him the highest-paid director in history.

My questions are: how does King Kong only now make him the highest paid in history when he got 175.5 for LOTR? Or am I way off on that figure? :confused: By ‘highest-paid’ they obviously aren’t including what George Lucas made by making the deal he made originally (to forgoe his directing fee in exchange for 40% of gross and all merchandising) for Star Wars. What do they mean by ‘highest-paid?’ What do they exclude from this description?

And finally: who else make up the top ten highest-paid directors in history?

Well generally when they say highest paid they mean the regular salary and not any profit sharing deals from the gross. At least that is the way it is for actors, so I assume it’s the same for directors. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger became the highest paid actor (for now) when he made 30 million for Terminator 3 but many celebs have made much more than that when they get a cut of the profits. Case in point, Tom Hanks made a whopping 70 million for Forrest Gump due to gross and profit sharing. :slight_smile:

Ah, so is the 20 million paycheck what makes Jackson the highest-paid director?

I’d still say Spielberg makes more. He not only shares profits as a director, but also as a producer and studio owner.

Also bear in mind that Fran Walsh, who he’s sharing the money with, is his wife, so…

plus, he got to keep Bag End.

I remember seeing Bad Taste shortly after it came out. If anyone had told me that it would even be debated that Peter Jackson was the best paid director in Hollywood I would have fallen out of my chair laughing.

Good for you, Peter!

Peter is also suing New Line for money from LOTR. He claims (and rightly so) that New Line screwed him out of millions because they didn’t get bids for merchandising, but simply gave the contracts to the subsidiaries of New Line. If they had opened up the merchandising contracts to the highest bidder, Jackson’s profits would have been far greater.

I read that War Of The Worlds is going to make Speilberg and the Scientomogist very rich boys. I believe they have only taken a paltry sum up front, and have decided to wait for the (10 or 20%?) profit sharing as the coins are raked in.

Wait, but remember- we are not talking sharing profits, only the paycheck they get for directing. So, like, the directing fee is technically what we’re talking about.

Yes, Spielberg has made a ton of money off of some kind of profit sharing! :eek: He has 2.6 billion dollars. George Lucas, whom I mentioned before, agreed to forgoe his directing fee for 40% of Star Wars gross and all merchandising, and now he has 3 billion dollars. So Jackson’s 200 ^? million he has so far is not at all comparable; again, only the directing fee, I think, is included in this claim and this conversation.

So no director ever got paid more than 20 million to make a single movie? Hmmm…

Ever watch the show Entourage? The recent ep where the actor guy decides to do the superhero movies has him talking to the people who do the superhero movies, and he says he heard that this director guy makes the movies for 50 mill and pockets the other 50 mill. I believe a director would do that, but for that much? Really? Is that just an exaggeration?

Obviously such stealing could never be included in a technical discussion of the ‘highest-paid director in history’ like this one :smiley: .