Writing to a prisoner

Has anybody ever written to a prisoner and they didn’t write back. I wrote to a political prisoner 3 weeks ago and he never wrote back. I wrote to him because I believe he does not deserve to be there and has been treated outrageously and unfairly. I sent him like 4 photos of myself each a month apart and I dated the photos so he knows there recent. I wrote him like a 4 page letter telling him what I do for a living and told him all my interests. I was trying to bring a smile to his face ad brighten his days in jail and thought he wold like a pen pal. I’m not the most photogenic person but I get hit on pretty often and I think the pictures were attractive enough for him to write back…but now my feelings are hurt he didn’t write back he must have thought the photos were not attractive :confused::mad::frowning: Also, I was thinking another reason could be I could have freaked him out like maybe he thinks I’m trying to have a relationship with him because I shared so many things with him about my life. I never knew him b4 prison I found out about him thru a facebook post he actually has a support website online. So my question is has any ladies written to a guy that included photos but the guy never wrote back? Or if anybody has any thoughts to share about something similar please write back :slight_smile:

Since the OP is asking about personal experiences, this is better suited to IMHO.

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I never have, but if he has a website asking for support he could be receiving quite a few letters each week, and he may not be able to afford the postage to write back.

Prisoners are people too (and many of them don’t score very high on the soft skills). Just because he is in prison doesn’t mean that he is desperate to write anyone that locates him. Maybe he has one of the more privileged prison jobs, hobbies and buddies that keep him just as busy as anyone else. Maybe he doesn’t like people or he may have singled you out as someone he doesn’t want anything to do with.

Who knows? Although I am not a prisoner, lots of people write me for various things and I never write some of them back because I don’t like where I think it will lead. That is everyone’s right whether they are in prison or not. Just like in the outside world, you have to take the hint and drop it after a couple of attempts. There is nothing wrong with trying but it is creepy to try to coerce someone into any type of relationship including pen pal if they are not open to it whether they are in prison or not.

Some of your comments sound quite odd frankly. What does the hotness of your photos have to do with anything and why did you even send them? He probably wants a friend on the outside with legal experience, not a groupie (there are plenty of women that love men in prison for even the worst crimes).

Depending on where he is imprisoned, if it has only been “several weeks” he may not even have received your letter yet. In the U.S., mail sent to inmates is opened and searched before delivery to the inmate, and not every facility is as current on the workload as might be desired.

What % of heterosexual women in the US send pen pal mail to male inmates in the US?

I would suspect it to be fairly low, but seems like high profile inmates like Charles Manson and their pen pals are publicized.

I also highly doubt the OP’s assertion that she isn’t trying to strike up a relationship giving her comments about the hotness of her photos.

Seriously, what makes inmates attractive to certain women?

I send letters every week to 5 people (4 men and a woman) who are unjustly imprisoned by Indonesia’s corrupt legal system. I don’t do it out of any desire to create a personal relationship with them, I do it because they need ongoing reminders that they are not forgotten and that people know they are innocent. It’s not about me, or my life, or photos of me (although I do send a picture every week of a different person holding up a sign supporting them). It’s about reassuring the people in prison that there are people standing by them.

To that end, short notes expressing solidarity - and since you say this is a political prisoner, perhaps affirmation that you share the same political leanings - are probably the best.

I’m guessing that almost anyone would be a bit overwhelmed by a four-page personal letter from someone they had never met.

I’ve been pen-pals with guys in prison.

One of them stopped writing back…when he was executed.

Duh – Because he doesn’t deserve to be there and he’s being treated unfairly.

I wonder if OP’s letter to the inmate was a four-page wall-o-text.

Send him an attractive cake with a gorgeous file in it.

You realize those emails are spam, right?

Im concerned about your comprehension skills. Since when has writing someone ONE single letter offering support corecing or forcing someone into a relationship??? I never said I wanted a relationship with this person and I wouldnt force someone to be a pen pal either. Nothing creepy about offering someone support who is suffering and wrongly imprisoned. I clearly stated that if he didnt wish to write back thats ok and I wished him the best. I dont plan on writing him any further if I dont hear back from him. You are extremely rude and insensitive not to mention judgmental. Im only words on a computer screen you dont know me personally so if you talk to me like this I can only imagine how you treat people in person…

The pictures were nudes right?

I’m curious what makes the person a political prisoner? I am unaware of there being such a category for prisons in the United States so where is this person imprisoned?

And I am equally concerned about your writing skills or lack thereof. You said this in your OP: “I sent him like 4 photos of myself each a month apart and I dated the photos so he knows there recent.”

I assumed that meant you sent him photos on four separate occasions plus a letter but I now see it is ambiguous and you may have meant that you sent him a packet with a four page letter and four photos that are dated one month apart all at once due to some bizarre logic that is known only by you. That doesn’t make it any less weird though.

I still have no idea why you think you needed to send four separate dated photos and why you are questioning your attractiveness based on the slow or no response. You claim that you only want to be a penpal because of altruistic concern but your actions and statements indicate otherwise.

If he’s a political prisoner, I would imagine he’s in a country that doesn’t have a lot of strong protections for personal freedom. He may never have gotten your letters at all.

Unless he’s an American who thinks being jailed for not paying taxes or burning down a bank is a political crime.

Nah, Snipes got out a few years back.

It doesn’t matter why the prisoner thinks he was jailed. It matters what the law is. In the US we don’t jail people for their political beliefs (Nowadays. I’m sure someone will find a historical reference.)