Written Communication Disability

Our 19 year old just got this diagnosis. He had so so grades in high school despite test scores in the top 1-2 percent. His grades were much lower due to not doing written assignments. We, and to an extent our son, thought he was being lazy. He got a good scholarship at a decent college, but completely bombed. He froze when confronted with writing a paper. He flunked out, and agreed to be tested. He got top scores, except on one section of the reading/writing. Here he was “low average.” After several years we find that his problems in school were due to suddenly hitting a wall in high school after having everything come easy. I don’t blame his teachers for not catching it. The son of the special ed teacher where I work didn’t catch it in her son.

Any parents out there encounter anything like this? Right now he’s looking for a job and can’t see any college beyond CC in his future. If he can do that and support himself, more power to him. My wife and I figure that he may have enough success with accomodations to be willing to go further. His mathematical ability is off the charts. I had off the charts verbal scores, but hit a wall when I took Algebra. I have an idea what he’s going through, but one can get through college without being good in math. It’s,a lot harder when writing is the issue.