Wrong side of the road, dumbass!

I was on my way home from class today, stopped behind a bus at an intersection.

The road I was on has 1 lane going in my direction, and 2 lanes coming the opposite direction. The two sides are divided by two rows of yellow “bot’s dots”. The lanes on the other side are divided by a single row of white dots.

Previously, I had not thought of this as an overly complicated system.

Today, as I am sitting there, singing along with “Dragostea din tei”, I notice in my mirror a black PT cruiser coming up on my left.

I ignore it for a millisecond, then part of my brain says “Wait. There is only one lane in this direction!”

Another part of my brain chimes in “Maybe he is just trying to pass the bus and run the red light.”

This makes sense, for even though it is stupid and dangerous, I can see someone being both stupid enough and in enough of a hurry to try it.

However, the car then STOPS at the intersection and throws on his left blinker.
He wants to turn!!

There’s oncoming traffic dipshit!!! This moron is sitting in a lane opposing traffic, forcing congestion because other drivers have to slow to avoid hitting him, and then move to the right-most lane (their right) to keep moving. This asshole is lucky that traffic was moving at “downtown” speeds and this wasn’t on a freeway or something.

He waits for the light to turn (a good 30 seconds of near-misses/near-hits) and then completes his boneheaded turn.

Nice move jackoff. You are lucky you didn’t cause an accident and even more lucky I wasn’t involved.

Yeah, but he drives a PT Cruiser. I think that’s punishment enough.

Jesus, I saw someone do this exact thing today, except in an SUV in San Francisco. Guy wants to take a left turn, but he’s a half-block from the intersection, so he gets in the opposite lane, blows past the five or six cars ahead of him, and takes a left. On a red light.

Luckily, there was no cross traffic and no traffic in the opposite direction, so he didn’t actually inconvenience (to say nothing of endanger) anyone. He just broke about five hundred thousand traffic laws so he could save about two minutes on his commute.

I’ve seen, more than once in a span of several years, people going the wrong way on I-75 just north of downtown Toledo. And my brother actually had an accident with a cop who was going the wrong way on an Interstate exit ramp.

The badge means they can drive however they damn well please. Or so they think. :wink:

Bitch, do not knock the PT Cruiser :wink:

Yeah, I have one, it’s a pretty decent little car, much more economical than an SUV, and I can get my kid in and out of the car seat without having to stoop over like in a regular sedan. Oh, and I can load a nice big stack of 8-foot long 2x4s in there without having anything portrude from the car.

Oh yes, and it has a turbo, so it’s pretty quick when I need it to be.

Typically, emergency vehicles can drive against traffic while operating in emergency mode (lights & sirens).

St. Urho
who’s driven the ambulance the wrong way onto a freeway

I was referring to the general tendency of police vehicles to exceed the speed limit.

And are also responsible for any accidents they are involved in while operating their ambulance or emergency vehicle the vast majority of the time.

who has also driven ambulances the wrong way onto the freeway.