WTC Disaster = Death of Shallow Pop Music (I Hope)?

So what do you think? Will a more serious nation mean more serious lyrics? Is the age of the boy band officially over now? (Please let it be so.) Your thoughts?

Oh I hope so. There’s not nearly enough people on the radio now moaning their deep lyrics at me.

Hey, that post-grunge dirge-like crap doesn’t count. Surely we can do better.

Yes, but while we’re at it we have to suffer through the post-catastrophe remake & tribute songs.

Okay, actually we don’t – I’ve stopped listening to the radio. Right after I heard something come on and I thought, "Hey, someone’s doing a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’. Then I heard the re-tooled lyrics, “So Glad You’re Here”. I immediately went numb. I was stuck at a stop sign, afraid to drive for fear I might intentionally drive myself off the hill into a ditch. Though I nearly puked, I forced myself to live through the whole thing just so I could honestly say I had. Then I switched off music radio for a long time to come.

Nope. It didn’t happen in the US after Pearl Harbor. There will always be a need for light-hearted, feel-good stuff. I don’t know whether there’ll be in increase in music with more serious lyrics, but I’d bet dollars to doughnut holes that the schlockmeisters will keep producing their fluff.

I tend to think that fluffy radio teeny pop will probably survive, if not get stronger in times like this. it has a soothing escapist appeal. I do thin that the underground will probably reassert itself in a way that makes it vital again. The blurring of the line between “pop” and “alternative” or whatever you want to call it will start to solidify again, as the need for an outlet for geneuinely socially conscious and political art starts to become real in a way that it hasn’t been in a long time. The music that I expect (or at least HOPE) will cease to make sense is all of this silly post limp bizcut rap metal crap. Its largely pretty boy nihlism, and far more offensive and insulting to me than anything the Back Street boys could ever do. I hope our new sense of fragility and community will put an end to this selfish glam-fascist crap once and for all.
god… I sound like my dad…
the Hat

I would guess that because pop artists have a specific target audience and are so “concerned” about “the fans”, they would attempt to help the fans through any tough times (they owe it to them) and will produce well-meaning songs about subjects they know nothing about. But, of course, America will eat it up and radio stations will over-play it. There’s a large population of consumers that don’ t want to think very deeply about song lyrics. Simpler means they can more easily apply the song to their lives.

This is not the time for pop music to die. Would you like to hear a boy band moaning about the injustice of persecuted Americans?

I don’t think I could take that.

The idea is not to hear boy bands at all.

Time for maybe another Elvis Costello to break onto the scene.