WTC Tragedy: Which Songwriter Can Do It Justice?

In the absence of John Lennon, my vote goes to Ray Davies of The Kinks (perhaps I should say “formerly of the…”?)

He has always been most prolific in his lyrics about the state of the world.

A close second would be Dylan and for the less angry side, Elton John and/or Bernie Taupin.

Your choices?


Maybe Don McLean or Arlo Guthrie.

Britney Spears.

Naw, just kiddin’.

I’ll say Randy Newman, Sting, or Tracy Chapman.

I think Bruce Springsteen could do a decent job.

Loudon Wainwright III

I heard the song “Cold Missouri Waters” on an Album by “CRY CRY CRY” (Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Schindell). It’s about fire fighters losing their lives to a forrest fire.
The song was written by James Keelaghan.
I’m going to post a link to a site that has the lyrics posted.
Take a look at them. They are about heroism and bravery and to me they resonate with the events of 911.


Elvis Costello

Gordon Lightfoot

(BTW, I don’t think my opinion matters on this because I know squat about music.)

Leonard Cohen?

Tom Paxton wrote a fine song already, I heard it performed by Garrison Keeler on PHC two weeks ago.

I think Loudon Wainwright III wrote one too, he may have performed it on Fresh Aire last week.

As long as it ISN’T Neil Young. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of his stuff, but take a look at the liner notes from his Decade album about the song, “Ohio”:

“It’s still hard to believe I had to write this song. It’s ironic that I capitalized on the death of these American students…”

[sarcasm on] Oooooohhhh, so sorry to have bothered you, MISTER Young. Next time we kill some students, we’ll be SURE to do it in private. [sarcasm off]

Irony, you say? Nothing ironic about accepting those royalty checks, eh?

Well, you might look to those who wrote great songs about John Lennon. Elton John/Bernie Taupin with Empty Garden and Paul Simon with The Late Great Johnny Ace come to mind.

Bruce Cockburn?

Leonard Cohen.

John Lennon…dead.
John Denver…dead.

…I’m stumped!

…John Prine.

…Warren Zevon, if you want a song that kicks Bin Laden in the ass.

Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a Latin Requiem Mass which was only recorded once. I’ve always wondered what an English version would sound like, and I think now would be a good time for it.

Paul Simon


Randy Newman

Rufus Wainwright
Billy Joel
Paul Simon

*Yeah, well, it depends on the artist. You know, Jose Feliciano, ya got no complaints. *
[sub]**Shameless theft of script from the movie Fargo