WTF? Bush calling critics revisionist historians!?!?

From here:

Bush: "Now there are some who would like to rewrite history; revisionist historians is what I like to call them…Saddam Hussein was a threat to America and the free world in '91, in '98, in 2003. He continually ignored the demands of the free world, so the United States and friends and allies acted"

But my favorite part:

"The president did not mention Iraqi unconventional weapons in his remarks, although accusations Iraq had chemical and biological weapons were central to his prewar campaign to build support for an attack. No such weapons have yet been found. "

I call utter bullshit. Christ almighty. What the fuck is this crap, “We are not lying, they are lying”? This disgusts me to my core. I have lost every ounce of respect I had for the federal government, and yes, I did respect them at one time.

Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s irony defined.

" I have lost every ounce of respect I had for the federal government, and yes, I did respect them at one time."

A quick search through your previous posts shows this statement to be “bullshit”.

Jesus Christ that’s disgusting. This is truly an Orwell novel.

You really should back up your statelemt.

God, you’re as bad as Bush is.

Yeah? Anybody dead cause of Dio lying?

I know what you mean. It’s atrocious. How dare he have the gall to claim revisionism is taking place. We all know and acknowledge that Bush didn’t make up the WMDs. We all know that Iraq has used WMDs against Kurds. We all know Clinton and Gore and Khoffi Anan all claimed Saddam had WMDs. We all know Clinton sent Tomahawk missiles against these WMD sites.

Nobody is revising history and ignoring this or pretending it didn’t happen. Nobody is pretending that Bush and his cronies have entirely and on their own fabricated this thing.


I believe that I started posting after Bush took office. It took little time to whittle away what respect I had.

I’m sure MrTuffPaws had a life before the SDMB. Perhaps he respected them then. Unless you have a cite in which MTP claims never to have respected them I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Upon preview: what he said.

I know, it’s not like the Bush administration used forged documents to “prove” their case.

Don’t be a fucking idiot, Scylla. The administration lied and got a bunch of kids killed. They are losing control of Afghanistan. Every little venture this administration has started out on has ended in disaster.

Jesus Christ.

And yet Bush doesn’t even mention them in his speech. I think that Bush secretly destroyed these WMDs.


And, in those moments when I stop to consider that maybe they aren’t all rabid fuckheads talking out their asses, I’ll inevitably get a post like yours to remind me that yes, they are.

This isn’t new. Condoleeza Rice was using the exact same term on Meet the Press (or another Sunday television “discussion” program, for lack of a better word) a week or two ago.

The thing for me is: It has to be history before it can be subjected to revisionist historians. This might be the most laughable public statement to come out of this administra…nah.

And Scylla, first, let me say I loved your blimp thread–it was aces, really, and thanks. As for this thread, come on now. What no one is revising is the fact that the administration’s war was fought on the premise that WMD existed and were an imminent threat. Likewise no one is revising the fact that no such wepons have thus far been found. Not that it hasn’t been said here a thousand times blah, blah, blah. Say what you will about the propoganda coming from the other side (and it’s there too–in spades)–these two little facts can’t be disputed.

I’ve noticed that this has become the standard Republican/conservative spin for this issue. By simply claiming the Saddham once had WMDs, they imply that he must have still had them. It reminds me of the famous Bill Clinton statement, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Even Colin Powell I’m sad to say has stooped to this rhetorical stunt.

Scylla, let’s say my next door neighbor had been convicted of possession of cocaine 10 years ago. During the investigation they found cocaine on his possession and in his urine (or wherever they test for cocaine). I could then legitimately say that I know that my neighbor had cocaine and had used cocaine, but that doesn’t mean that he had it yesterday, last year or any time since his arrest. That certainly doesn’t mean that we could just arrest him any time we wanted to based on his earlier crime especially if he let investigators in his house to search for evidence and they found nothing.

But the situation with Iraq isn’t exactly the same thing. Sadaam was required to submit proof to the UN that he had destroyed the WMDs. he failed to do this, he failed to EVER do this, despite 15 or so UN resolutions, and has fired on planes patroling the no-fly zone. He failed to submit any proof to the weapons inspectors, and so Bush decided to attack. Going with your example, it would be like your neighbor refusing to submit to not one, but several warrents to search his house, as well as refusing to report to his parolle officer.

I’m becoming more and more afraid that Bush took a semi-educated guess that US forces would find SOMETHING concrete after the shooting was over…but I’m not convinced he lied…yet.

I’m glad you liked my thread, and I don’t dispute either point.

Actually, Scylla, right now YOU are the “rabid fuckhead talking out of their ass.” You deny all evidence that the Bush administration has continuously lied about this issue, simply because you are a conservative Republican who swallows whatever shit other conservative Republicans shovel. You are a sucker. You are, and have been the two or three years I have known you, primed to jump on any Republican bandwagon that happens to travel down your street. Unfortunately, there are many people in this country as gullible as you and the United States is worse for it. Kindly pull your head out and see how you have been betrayed. You are an intelligent person who should be able to see once you have wiped the shit out of your eyes.

Me too.

Shit, now you’re starting to act reasonable, after I crafted that nice flame and everything.